'The Bachelorette': Becca Kufrin's Runner-Up Has Epic Meltdown After Heartbreaking Split


Jason Mesnick's 'Bachelor' breakdown became famous in 2009 -- but we've never seen anything quite like this.

Jason Mesnick's Bachelor meltdown became famous in 2009 -- but we've never seen anything quite like this. 

Becca Kufrin made her heartbreaking final choice on Monday's season finale of The Bachelorette, leaving her runner-up, Blake Horstmann, devastated. The 28-year-old sales rep was inconsolable after Becca ended things ahead of her engagement to Garrett Yrigoyen. 

Even Becca admitted during the finale that she "always thought it would be Blake" at the end of her journey. Bachelor Nation watched as Blake struggled to keep himself together when Becca broke the news that he wasn't the one, though days earlier he admitted feeling like something was off. 

"I didn't expect this. I don't know what to say. I think you're making a mistake. I do. I don't think anyone can make you as happy as I can," he cried. "I just can't believe it. How could I be so wrong?" 

Becca did her best to console him, but Blake just needed to cry it out, sobbing into a rag as he confessed to producers that he felt so "alone." "I f---ing knew it," he said. "I did love her. I just thought she loved me back... All I can imagine is how happy she's going to be when Garrett proposes to her." 

Blake watched the emotional breakup for the first time with fans on Monday night, telling host Chris Harrison that it was "difficult to watch." "A lot of this season's been difficult to watch... It's not easy. You just never really ever consider one day you would have a ring in your hand and getting down on your knee, committing yourself to the woman you love, [and it not working out]," he said. 


He and Becca then came face to face in a candid conversation, where she explained that she never wanted to hurt him. "There wasn't any moment really that triggered the decision," she said before explaining that she did become worried about the "longevity" of their relationship when she pictured how "in his head" he could become when things would get tough, or a child fell sick.

"I want you to know, there are no hard feelings for me," Blake replied. "I can't be mad at you for following your heart." 

"If people think this is going to bring me down, they didn't watch the season too closely... I'm not going to be scared now of falling in love gain. My person is still out there, and I'm not going to apologize for how hard I fall in love," he continued. "I can see it in her face that she is happy." 

Becca previously told ET that her final breakups were the Bachelorette moments she wasn't looking forward to watching back on TV "because there were so many emotions involved."

As for how Garrett feels about it all, Becca said she was keeping him updated along the way. "He knows everything that really went on, and it will be tough to watch back, I'm sure. I remember watching it back last season, and it's not the easiest," she noted. "It's still difficult, but he knows I'm an open book, so anything he needs, I'm willing to give him." 

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