'The Bachelorette': Jed Wyatt's Ex Haley Stevens Reacts to the 'Lies' He Told Hannah Brown (Exclusive)

The musician breaks down Wyatt's claims about their relationship to ET.

Haley Stevens is telling her side of the story. 

The Nashville musician came forward last month claiming that she and Jed Wyatt were in a relationship while he was filming The Bachelorette, but it finally played out on Tuesday night's season finale. 

In a shocking episode, Hannah Brown, weeks into her engagement with Wyatt, read Stevens' story -- and confronted Wyatt about her claims. Wyatt first tried to downplay their relationship, telling Brown that they had just "hung out" a few times before he appeared on the show. He said they weren't exclusive, that he was seeing other women as well, and that when he told Stevens he loved her, he had been drinking. 

Now, Stevens is addressing everything Wyatt said about her -- what she calls the "lies and just... the downplaying of everything" -- from their cabin trip to meeting the parents. Here's what she told ET:

On Their Relationship Not Being Exclusive: 

"We had only hung out a few times," Wyatt told Brown when she grilled him on Stevens' claims, adding that they went to dinner, saw a movie and slept together a couple of times. "I didn't feel like it was an exclusive thing. I was dating around. It never felt like a relationship to me," he later added. 

"It's news to me," said Stevens, who had been dating Wyatt since last year. "During the filming of the show and post their engagement... that is when I started finding out that other women were involved."

"Perhaps I'm off base here, but 'I love you' to me, means 'I love you,' not 'I'm seeing a bunch of other people,'" she added, claiming that she and Wyatt called each other boyfriend and girlfriend. 

On Their Cabin Trip: 

On Tuesday night's episode, Wyatt told Brown that he and Stevens took a cabin trip together to Gatlinburg, Tennessee, purely out of convenience. "I got a cabin for free," he told Brown. 

According to Stevens, that's not true. "We split the cost for the cabin," she said. 

On Her Meeting His Parents: 

Wyatt made Stevens meeting his family seem like a casual event that occurred after their cabin getaway. "We leave the cabin, and it's close to my parents' house. They're like, 'Stop by, whatever.' She met my parents,'" he recalled. 

"Just hearing him say how we should just ran by his family house [is upsetting]," Stevens said. 

"I spent five days with his family and spent time and talked to them while he was gone, so these are people that you know I have kind of formed a relationship with and care about," she explained. "I haven't spoken to them [since the drama came out] and I care about them."

Stevens said she saw clips of Wyatt's hometown date with his family, who were clearly skeptical of his relationship with Brown. She hasn't spoken to them lately. "I would never expect to and never want to be in the middle of it," she shared. "I'd say one of the hardest things is knowing that they're most definitely reading the comments and tweets and things and all the negative things that are being said about him... I can't imagine you know what they're feeling. I don't know, that's tough."

On Their Trip to the Bahamas: 

"January rolls around, it's my birthday. I've never had anybody throw me a surprise birthday party. She like, rallied all my friends, there was a cake, and I get excited over all that stuff... she's like, 'And I got you this.' It was from her parents. Her parents got me a vacation to the Bahamas," Wyatt told Brown. 

"It's for my birthday, but the date of the vacation is on her birthday... after my birthday, a few weeks go by, we go on this trip," he continues, claiming that three days before they left for the trip in February, he got asked to be on The Bachelorette. "I tell her, she's obviously sad, but she's also excited. I was thrown off because I think it's not logical to hang out with somebody who is considering doing a dating show," he said. 

Stevens wasn't too pleased with how Wyatt chose to portray their vacation together. "Man, what monsters [my parents] must be to have just met him three weeks prior to his birthday [and want to give him a trip]... And beyond that. I put in some of that cost," she shared, explaining that the vacation was also in celebration of her birthday. It was on that trip that they supposedly solidified their feelings for one another. 

On Him Telling Her He Loved Her While He Was Drunk: 

Wyatt told Brown that he didn't mean it when he told Stevens that he loved her. "She was upset because I'm leaving, and we're sitting on this extravagant trip, I had been drinking... and I told her that I loved her. And when I said it, it didn't feel right, and I knew it was a mistake because I was leaving," he tried to justify.  

"[Was he drunk] every time?" Stevens pointedly asked. "He said it more than once. March 12 was the day that he left for filming, [and he said it then]." The singer previously provided ET with alleged text messages Wyatt had sent her professing his love that day. 

On Him Being Ready to Get Married: 

Brown and Wyatt's conversation ended with him telling her that their relationship was on a "different page," and that he was totally committed to marrying her. Moments earlier, Wyatt tried to explain that he initially didn't tell the truth about his romance with Stevens because he loved Brown and thought he'd lose her. 

"Here's the part that I believe was a little bit selfish... the whole idea of loving someone is putting them before yourself and this was her experience. She had every opportunity to be with one of these great guys -- or at least to have made the decision to herself if she was OK with the situation that she was in," Stevens said. "She didn't even get that option, which I think that's not really fair, when you love someone... to not be honest [with them]." 

On Him Ending Their Romance: 

Wyatt told Brown that he ended his romance with Stevens "in my heart, and not verbally." This part is definitely true, according to Stevens. The singer never heard from Wyatt after his texts to her while boarding his plane to Los Angeles, and still hasn't gotten back the guitar case she lent him for the show. 

"I could really stand to fix that front zipper," she said. "Set it on my porch."

"I would like to know, I guess, that there's some kind of remorse. I don't know that I will ever get it, and at this point, I think so much damage has been done that it's not even necessary," Stevens continued. "I've moved on from him, and last night was kind of the last moment of all the craziness, so I can just kind of go on with my life now."

This Friday, Stevens will release her new single, "Rednekkid," with her duo, Sweat Leah. "We're releasing a single, not a jingle," she cracked -- hilariously referencing the dog food jingle Wyatt boasted about during his meeting with Brown's family. "It has nothing to do with any of this drama. It's just a fun summer song and we're so excited to get moving with that and kind of leave this in the past."

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