'The Bachelorette': Jed Wyatt's Ex Responds to Hannah Brown's Message to Her (Exclusive)

Haley Stevens said she counts Brown's heartbreak as her 'biggest regret.'

Jed Wyatt's ex is grateful for Hannah Brown's support.

Following the explosive, two-night season finale of The Bachelorette -- during which Brown got engaged to and quickly ended things with Wyatt after reports that he came on the show with a girlfriend -- ET's Lauren Zima spoke with both of Wyatt's exes, Brown and Haley Stevens.

Brown told ET that she wishes Stevens, who came forward with her allegations about Wyatt last month, only the best.

"I've been in a similar situation in the past before," she said. "From this, I hope she's learned a lot just like I have and she knows her worth and what she deserves. And I hope that she can find someone that truly makes her happy one day, too."

Stevens called Brown's message to her "incredible" and said that she wishes "the same for her."

"The biggest regret that I've had in all this is that this was her experience, this was her love story," Stevens said. "My being sort of the other woman in this, you know, scenario is what caused her heartbreak at the end of this thing that was supposed to be so incredible for her."

"I wish [her] all the happiness, all the best things to come out of this," she added. " I have most definitely learned from every moment of this and I know she has too, so that's incredible. Thank you for sharing that."

During ET's interview with Brown, she said that, while she doesn't believe Wyatt cheated on her through his relationship with Stevens, he did make "some poor decisions."

"When you're in a serious [relationship], you're engaged, and it's something so public, you have to really be careful of who you allow in your life and protecting that relationship, and I don't think he always protected that relationship," Brown said. "I do think that he lied, and I think that there was not the foundation of trust and honesty that I have also preached that I wanted. I think that he has qualities and will learn a lot from this."

"... I definitely think that this has been a huge learning experience for him, and I know that he's sorry, and the guy that I fell in love with is in there," she added. "And I think this has really made him reflect on his life and his choices and I do believe that he will be a good man for somebody someday."

Likewise, Stevens told ET that she hopes Wyatt learns from this experience.

"We have all learned from this. We have all made mistakes; I can't say that I didn't in this," she said. "I just really hope that all of us are able to learn from this, and take this, and be better in the next relationship that we're in."

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