The Band Perry's Reid Perry is Engaged to Rae DelBianco and the Wedding Date Is Set

Reid Perry
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The Band Perry's Reid Perry and author Rae DelBianco are engaged! And they won't be engaged for too long, because they're set to tie the knot later this month!

According to COWGIRL magazine, Perry popped the question at DelBianco's living room-turned-studio in Mississippi, where the couple also snapped their engagement photos. They reportedly met online in July 2020. COWGIRL reports that it was her love of taxidermy and books and his bison herd that really brought the couple together.

After meeting online, they waited another five months before they finally met in person, the magazine reports. He was busy with his GRAMMY-winning band writing music in L.A. and recording in Dallas, while she was busy writing in Mississippi. They had a long-distance relationship until Reid, in May 2022, decided to move to Mississippi.

DelBianco, a Duke University grad who is working on her second novel, gushed over the musician while explaining why he was the one.

"Part of me knew that Reid was the one after our first phone call," DelBianco tells the magazine. "After a few weeks of texting, hearing that voice come alive -- it was his brilliance, his intellectual curiosity, his ability to build out the world whatever he dreams up, be it his art, his farm and livestock projects, his visions for design and shaping the world. Knowing someone only online still had that feeling of unreality, and I told a friend afterward, '[E]ither I'll never get to meet him, or I'm going to marry him."

Reid said he spent weeks trying to figure out when and where to pop the question. He said he wanted to do it somewhere meaningful, and mulled over places they had gone on dates, but he ultimately landed on her living room in Mississippi.

"The cypress stump coffee tables, walls of books, and deer hide covered couch are seared into many amazing memories of mine in our early relationship as we were really starting to grow close as a couple and proposing there would add another memory of that space to the collection," he tells COWGIRL.

The couple went on to tell the outlet that they damn near eloped not only once, but twice even before they were engaged. They didn't want on their close friends to miss out on this special occasion, so they'll have a secret wedding with only 16 guests later this month, which has less than a week left in the books. They told the magazine they'll follow up the ceremony with a crawfish boil and bonfire before dancing under a Mississippi night sky.



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