'The Bear' Star Jeremy Allen White Hails Daughter Ezer the 'Sweetest Girl in the World' on Her 5th Birthday

White's estranged wife, Addison Timlin, also shared a lengthy tribute to her baby girl.

Jeremy Allen White's over the moon about his daughter turning 5. And he needed just as many words to describe the feeling.

The star of the Hulu hit The Bear dropped a comment on his estranged wife Addison Timlin's post celebrating Ezer Billie White's big day. Timlin uploaded a sweet photo of Ezer in a cute dress, followed by a photo of Timlin pregnant in the hospital.

In a very lengthy caption to the post, Timlin expressed every emotion conjured up at the thought of her baby girl. White's tribute was more succinct as he commented, "Sweetest girl in the world."

Today you turn 5 and my world feels totally titled on its axis," Timlin began her post. "I am bewildered and in a merciless chokehold of the mystical space/time continuum. How on earth? I see you and see 1000 years in all directions, always."

"These days all you want to do is pretend to be a newborn baby. Talking about your birth and the way I would hold you," she continued. "It’s like both of our bodies are remembering at the same time and both of our brains are trying to catch up. Remember what it was like to hold your baby for the first time? Remember what it was like to meet the face of your mother? Maybe 5 is this very precious and precarious time where we’re close enough to remember and 5 enough to forge our own path."

Timlin closed with five "I love yous."

White, who portrays chef Carmen "Carmy" Berzatto on the critically acclaimed Hulu series, and Timlin share two daughters, Ezer and Dolores, 2.

Earlier this year, White and Timlin struck a custody deal that allows him to spend time with his kids if he complies with several stipulations, which includes undergoing alcohol testing five days a week.

According to court documents obtained by ET, White has to undergo Soberlink testing severl days a week to prove he is not intoxicated while he's around his children.

Soberlink is a portable professional-grade breathalyzer with wireless connectivity that uses state-of-the-art technology. It includes built-in safeguards such as facial recognition software to ensure that only the person ordered to be tested can use the device.

He was also ordered to attend individual therapy at least once a week and attend not less than two Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings each week. In turn, Timlin may request proof of completion of AA meetings and weekly therapy and he shall provide proof within three days of her request. 

White and Timlin called it quits, after she filed for divorce. According to the divorce filing obtained by ET, Timlin listed the date of separation as Sept. 1, 2022. Despite the split, they remain friendly, and they were even photographed embracing each other while attending Ezer's soccer game back in July.