The Best Kitchen Gadgets for Hosting Thanksgiving 2021

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The Best Kitchen Gadgets for Hosting Thanksgiving
Amazon, Williams Sonoma

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. And whether you're planning your first-ever holiday celebration at home or are gearing up for another year as the designated host of family dinners, one thing is for certain -- coordinating and cooking a Thanksgiving spread is a really tricky affair. 

From roasting the turkey just right and perfecting your homemade mashed potato recipe, to prepping the pie crust and ensuring there's plenty of space in the oven for that beloved casserole dish (which there never seems to be), the entire process can be pretty overwhelming -- especially when you throw a household of friends, family and guests in the mix.

Fortunately, there are a plethora of nifty kitchen gadgets and tools that can help to simplify your food-prepping process for Thanksgiving Day and beyond -- like an air fryer, meat thermometer, carving knife, cutting board, baking sheet, food processor and sauce pan, among so many other things.

Plus, with all of these essentials available at top brands like Amazon, Wayfair and Williams Sonoma, you'll have everything you need and more to perfect this year's Thanksgiving dinner -- and all at budget-friendly prices.

To help you determine which tools and appliances are truly must-haves (and potentially your next favorite cooking tool), the ET Style team has handpicked the best gadgets for kitchen use on Thanksgiving Day and beyond. Some of our favorite finds include the KitchenAid Stand Mixer, Le Creuset's Round Dutch Oven, a pro swivel peeler, informational pastry mat, a classic rolling pin and the Mauviel Copper Tri-Ply Roasting Pan, among others.

Ahead, find the best Thanksgiving kitchen gadgets for hosting the perfect dinner and serving up the family-favorite dish this year. Plus, shop the most viral kitchen essentials on TikTok, along with Paris Hilton's adorable kitchen tools.

The holy grail of kitchen appliances is on sale now at Wayfair for just $530. The KitchenAid Stand Mixer does all of the stirring and mixing work for you, and still manages to deliver incomparable results. Lighten the light this Thanksgiving with this essential appliance.

Made with an aluminum core and a copper exterior for heat conductivity, this roasting pan is as effective as it is completely beautiful -- and a gorgeous centerpiece addition for any fall tablescape.

Roll up to Thanksgiving in style with this classic rolling pin -- now on sale at Amazon.

Everyone needs a classic dutch oven on-hand in their kitchen. And this Caribbean-colored option from Le Creuset boasts hundreds of rave reviews.

These bestselling dishes are perfect for cooking desserts and casseroles, marinating meats or even roasting vegetables.

Evenly distribute liquids and oils on your favorite Thanksgiving dishes with this angle-tipped baster.

Keep your pastries organized and clean cut with this pastry mat that boasts helpful, essential baking information.

An essential part of perfecting any Thanksgiving meal is ensuring that the meat is cooked just right. This ThermoPro thermometer will provide all of that security, and at an affordable price too.

Whether you're dicing apples for a delicious fruit pie or you're peeling potatoes for that staple mashed potato dish, a good peeling tool is a must-have for any household on Thanksgiving.

This might be less of a gadget and more of a tablescape essential for any fall dinner, but it's still a must-have for Thanksgiving and beyond.

Perfecting your gravy and other sauces is no joke -- especially if you're on a time-crunch. Remove an added stress and invest in this bestselling gourmet food stirrer from Wayfair.

When prepping for a big holiday meal or dinner, the most difficult thing to manage might actually be your free counter space. Add some additional layers to counter with this 3-tier rack which can be used both in and out of the oven.

Easily store all of those post-Thanksgiving meal leftovers with this top-rated food storage set from Walmart.


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