The Best Reusable Face Masks With Nose Wires - N95, KN95, KF94 and More

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Masks are again part of the daily uniform for most of us. With the spread of the Omicron variant and the number of COVID-19 cases still high, mask mandates have returned across the U.S. -- and face coverings are one of the easiest ways to ensure daily protection from COVID-19

Most of us continue to practice social distancing and while vaccination campaigns are going strong to help slow the spread of COVID-19 (if you haven't gotten a vaccination card protector, you might want to get one now). The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has updated its mask recommendations and suggests wearing the most protective mask you can that fits well. The CDC also recommends people use respirators such as N95s and KN95s, but to reserve surgical N95 masks for healthcare settings.

The CDC recommends making sure your mask does not have any gaps along the edges or around the nose -- a mask with a nose helps close those gaps. That extra moveable piece can prevent your mask from shifting out of place, and ensure proper protection against COVID-19.

Nose wires can also help keep the shape of a reusable face mask to enable smooth breathing, especially during activities like biking or running. It also prevents hot air from escaping around your nose, helping to prevent foggy glasses. 

Shop ET Style's picks of the best reusable face masks with nose wires below. 

N95 Masks

This NIOSH Certified disposable N95 mask has elastic head straps (not ear loops) and adjustable nose clip for a customizable facial fit for a secured seal.

N95 face masks are hot items and these Harley Commodity N95 Masks are some of the best out there. (If you're concerned about buying a counterfeit mask, Bona Fide is an authorized distributor and have certified that they are authentic masks.)
$45 FOR 20

We love the breathability of this structured face mask. Made with extra room for your nose and mouth and high-grade seals, this mask ensures that you can have your best fit to prevent eyeglass fogging or any breathing discomfort, all while staying thoroughly protected. 
$62 FOR A PACK OF 35

The soft cotton exterior of this N95 face mask makes it perfect for extended wear, so you can stay comfortable and safe all day long.

KN95 Masks

Snug, comfy and colorful, this KN95 face mask helps protect against respiratory droplets when you're out and about. 

Tired of the white KN95 face mask? If so, grab a 25-pack of black masks.

The KN95 face masks are made with a 5-Ply Protective Layer to offer more protection than the standard 3-ply face mask.

This KN95 mask is a best seller on Amazon.

Whether you're traveling for the holidays or you have spring break plans, make sure your kids are properly equipped with disposable Kn95 masks that fit. These come in a pack of 20. 

KN94 Masks

Some find the KF94 masks with 94% filtration efficiency to have a more comfortable design than KN95 masks.
$15 FOR A PACK OF 100

These adorable bear masks are KF94 masks with 4-layer protection in the fish mouth style. 

Most of us could use a bit more fun colors in our lives. These KF94 masks come in sizes large and small. 

Made in Korea, this KF94 mask uses a 4-ply filtration system with structured, non-woven fabrics for a safe and breathable experience.
$30 FOR A PACK OF 20

These kids' KF94 masks have cute patterns on top of four-layer protection. 

If you like the fit of disposable KF94 masks, these Floral Face Masks have a touch of style. These come in a pack of 50. 

Fabric Masks 

When in need, even the disposable face masks can be reused. At this price point, doesn't hurt to add a box to your cart.

This cloth mask includes a filter pocket and one 99% filtration filter to block up to 99% of airborne particulates and has adjustable ear loops.

This unisex PPE mask comes in an assortment of stylish signature prints.

Kenneth Cole's mask has multiple layers of super-soft cotton treated for small particle filtration and have an antimicrobial finish to help block respiratory droplets. 

Perfect for quick errands, the Ace combines a premium full-coverage mask with elastic ear loops.

These masks are super comfortable for everyday use. 

These masks include a lightweight outer layer and two inner layers of soft, breathable cotton. 

Front line workers and veterans receive a 20% discount.

This mask is soft and breathable while effectively holding the mask away from your mouth. 

A lightweight face mask perfect for traveling, running errands and exercising. This breathable Traveleisure Face Mask has 3,500 reviews and is the adjustable face mask you need.

Hanes is known for comfortable cotton underwear, so it's no surprise they make a great cloth face mask with a comfortable fit to protect you from dust and airborne particles. They have an adjustable nose bridge and if you're feeling creative, you can tie-dye these masks or dye them any color you like.


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