'The Bradshaw Bunch' Returns for Season 2 -- Watch the Trailer

The Bradshaw Bunch

The Bradshaw Bunch is back! The family reality TV series is returning for its second season with even more love, laughter and chaos from this tight-knit family. Season 2 will pick up with "girl dad" Terry Bradshaw embracing being home in the off-season. But while Terry and his wife Tammy readjust to life back on the ranch, their daughters -- Rachel, Erin and Lacey -- are busier than ever. With each of them looking to follow their dreams, Terry can't help himself from coaching his daughters through all aspects of life, from how to get pregnant to being first-time parents and everything in between. With a rematch for a win on Celebrity Family Feud, a vow renewal in Hawaii and a road trip to return to Terry’s hometown of Shreveport, Louisiana, this family is tackling it all -- together.

ET spoke with the Bradshaw family on their ranch in Oklahoma ahead of season 1 about their female-centric family dynamic and letting cameras into their lives.

"As I recall, there was never really any asking. It was just here's what we're doing," Terry told ET at the time. "I thought it'd be good for the family. I'm not saying it will be good because America is going to love us. I know we have two years of shooting to do and if that's it, the girls have 20 episodes of me and them, Tammy has it, grandkids have it and since I am the oldest of the bunch, nature takes its course. I will be checking out, and you never know, one of these days they may sit around and say, 'Oh, let's look at when Dad did this.'"

"It's a great scrapbook," Tammy added. 

And while the family has not been shy about putting their lives on TV, there's one thing they won't show on camera: what goes on in the bedroom.

"You can film anywhere in the house, but you're not gonna cross this line right here, physically we're not crossing this line," Tammy shared.

What sets their show apart and helps to fill the void Keeping Up With the Kardashians has left at E! is that it showcases real, family fun, without a lot of the sister in-fighting and drama that we're used to seeing.

"We went to the show with the intent for it to be fun and funny and real. But we don't want drama. I mean, we don't want drama in real life. We don't want drama on the screen," Tammy explained. When we came together as a family, we did everything in our power to not have any situations that would create drama between the three girls. We worked really hard and so did they to not have drama between them, and for them to build a relationship. And I think that's the one thing we said going into this, 'We're not gonna let you create drama between these girls.' And we stood on that and so did they. So I think that might be different than what people have seen in other shows."

"It's not worth doing," Terry added. "I am what I am, and you're gonna see that. So I'm an open book. My girls are not used to this, but they adapted while we were filming. So we just wanted it to be fun and entertaining. And that's it. The drama we had is actually...we had a couple scenes, but it's sweet. It's sweet stuff."

For more on the Bradshaw family, tune in when The Bradshaw Bunch returns for season 2, premiering Oct. 6 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on E!, with the half-hour, The Bradshaw Bunch Season 2 Kickoff Special, airing Aug. 11 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT.  


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