The Dolan Twins Announce They're Stepping Back from YouTube in Tearful, Candid New Video

The 19-year-old brothers revealed that they will no longer be churning out weekly video content to focus on new projects.

After uploading new content nearly every Tuesday for five straight years, the Dolan Twins are taking a step back from the platform.

Ethan and Grayson Dolan made the surprising announcement in an emotional and candid video titled "It's Time To Move On…," which they posted on Tuesday.

To explain their decision in the hour-long post, Ethan and Grayson sat down with fellow YouTuber Shane Dawson -- who was among the first people to rise to fame through the video streaming site -- and explained how their constant pressure to post new content has negatively impacted their lives and their mental health.

The brothers opened up about a multitude of issues and concerns that they have with their YouTube videos, many of which have been bothering them and growing worse over the years.

From the fact that their real-life personas are no longer reflected in the juvenile personas that they feel obligated to present in their videos, to the fact that they feel pressured to produce content for fear of alienating their fans, the brothers presented some compelling reasons for their decision to step back.

One event that majorly influenced their disillusionment toward constantly creating content came with the unfortunate death of their father in January after a two-year battle with cancer.

During that time, the pair said they were always "in caretaker mode or filming mode" and if they ever took time to just live their own lives they were "doing something wrong." As their father battled his illness, both brothers felt pressure to put on a happy face for fans, despite being deeply unhappy inside.

"Had we not been filming a video every week, we would have been able to spend more time with our family around the time that they needed us," Ethan shared through tears during their powerful sit-down.

Grayson said that, because of their commitments to their posting schedule, they've also been unable to really mourn and process their loss.

"It's f**ked, because I still don't even sometimes realize that it happened," Grayson admitted.

After their dad's passing, the pair only took a month off to cope with their loss, and said that, at the time, they felt that was "too long." Grayson said that feeling the pressure to post weekly, has "numbed the whole process" of grieving and coming to terms with what happened.

The 19-year-old twin internet stars -- who have accumulated 10.6 million subscribers on their YouTube channel and were presented with the YouTube Diamond Play Button plaque to commemorate that accomplishment this past June -- said, however, that they aren't giving up on making new content all together.

The pair said that, going forward, they will work on making videos they are passionate about, and they they truly want to make, instead of churning out content they feel they are obligated to produce due to their long-standing schedule.

"I'm not just gonna make s**t to f**king make s**t," Ethan said, as both brothers admitted that they are truly looking forward to the future and the videos they're going to make now that they've freed themselves from smothering time constraints.

To cement their decision, the pair both got tattoos paying tribute to the new-videos-every-Tuesday routine that helped them establish their channel, and demolished their in-home set where they'd film much of their content.



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