'The Flash' Season 7: Grant Gustin Asks Candice Patton If WestAllen Should Renew Their Vows! (Exclusive)

ET spoke with 'The Flash' stars in separate interviews, but their answers about Barry and Iris' relationship were exactly the same!

WARNING: If you have not watched The Flash's season 6 finale, race out of here immediately! For everyone else, prepare to run full-speed into a super sweet surprise...

The Flash's sixth season has come to an early end due to a coronavirus-related production shutdown, and we know that many fans are bummed that The CW drama left us with such a huge cliffhanger. 

(Spoiler Alert: Iris West-Allen is still trapped in the Mirrorverse and now it seems she has disappeared all together!)

Since there were supposed to be three more episodes in season 6, this is clearly not the ending that Flash fans were going to have at the end of this season -- but we have an exclusive surprise that we hope will brighten your spirits during these tough social distancing days. 

ET recently caught up with The Flash stars Grant Gustin and Candice Patton on separate video interviews, but when we asked them many of the same questions about Barry and Iris' relationship, the on-screen couple's answers were perfectly in sync!

When asked what it has been like to act opposite of each other with Patton playing an alternate and slightly sinister version of Iris, both actors immediately confessed it has been "weird" to not work as closely together on set.

"This has been a completely different dynamic," Gustin said of WestAllen's romance -- or lack thereof -- in season 6. "Mostly is that we've seen a lot less of each other on set which has been really weird. And then we had that scene in 617, which is one of the most emotional scenes we've both had all season, and it's to a mirror. We're both not there -- we shot those on different days, so we weren't even there at the same time when we shot that, so it's really weird. But I watched that episode actually and I thought it turned out great."

"It was hard not having [Grant] there, for sure," Patton said, referring to the same scene in episode 617. "It was really difficult and really distracting but I was pleased to hear that people really resonated with that scene and felt really emotional about that scene. I'm just happy that it came through and we got something that worked."

"I think a lot of that closeness has been missing this year," Grant added. "It's been a different season. I know people are missing that dynamic and we'll get it back I'm sure."

If we do get Iris out of that Mirrorverse, we know what we'd like to see: a WestAllen vow renewal!

The CW

ET originally pitched this idea to the stars back in 2018 at Comic-Con, but now Gustin thinks that it may finally be the time for Barry and Iris to say "I do" once again.

"That's actually not something we've discussed, but I could see it making sense," the 30-year-old actor shared. "Especially now after finishing this whole Mirrorverse storyline, and us being so separated -- yeah, that would probably be a cool thing to see actually once this is all resolved."

Since we completed Gustin's interview first, we asked the "fastest man alive" if he would like to pass a question along to his on-screen wife and here was his adorable query...

"Yeah, well, considering our wedding was spoiled on a crossover of Supergirl, and then we had a shotgun wedding on an episode of Legends of Tomorrow -- would she be interested in renewing our vows on Flash?"

Gustin added with a smile, "Not our vows -- Barry and Iris’ [vows] obviously -- 'cause I think that’d be fun! And it sounds like the fans need it."

Less than a week later when ET video-chatted with Patton for our Flash finale preview, we showed her Gustin's sweet message. After a brief comment on Gustin's current quarantine scruff, ("Look at his beard!" she gushed) Patton quickly agreed that a Barry and Iris redo-wedding was something she'd love to see. 

"That's a great point," the 31-year-old actress said in response. "I will say, [that] is something I would love to see before we end the show. I think a lot of fans were disappointed with how Barry and Iris ended up getting married and I think that's a fair thing to be, kind of, peeved about."

"So yes, Grant, I agree. I think we should revisit that at some point. I think we should give fans what they want," Patton confirmed with a smile.

"I think we all were a little bit like, 'How did they get married on another show?'" she continued. "When you buy the DVDs of The Flash in the future, you're never going to see Barry and Iris getting married for real. So I think it's only right that, before we wrap up the show, Barry and Iris get married on their show. So for posterity, Flash fans have that in their DVD collections. Yes, let's do it!"

The CW

We at ET already have our own ideas for how this redo-wedding should happen on our screens: We'd like to see the WestAllen wedding be the center of the next Arrowverse crossover, but the catch is that absolutely nothing goes wrong and all of the super characters just have a great time partying it up at the reception.

Luckily, it looks like Gustin and Patton are fully on board with our wholesome dream.

"That's a good idea as long as we keep it on The Flash," Gustin stressed. "That needs to happen on The Flash."

"Amazing!" Patton said after our pitch. "I think that's such a great idea."

For a couple that has shared six first kisses, four weddings and two proposals, we think a big Barry and Iris relationship moment is definitely needed in season 7.

Press play on the video above to watch the full WestAllen adorableness and then share your vow renewal thoughts with @LeanneAguilera on Twitter. Plus, if you happened to miss our other Flash interviews, you can watch Gustin's solo interview here and Patton's solo interview here!


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