The 'Insecure' Cast Gets Emotional Preparing to Say Goodbye at Series Finale Table Read

Issa Rae, Yvonne Orji and Natasha Rothwell shared photos of the show's finale table read online.

It's almost time to say goodbye, Insecure fans. 

Thursday marked the table read for the final episode of the HBO series, and the cast commemorated the occasion on social media. Natasha Rothwell, Yvonne Orji and Issa Rae posted photos of the episode script to their Instagram pages, each one lamenting the end of their show. 

"Deng. This really is good-bye. I'mo miss y'all," Orji captioned her photo. Rothwell echoed her sentiments, writing, "The last dance... 😭," as the caption for her post. The Instagram account for Rae's media company, Hoorae, posted a trio of photos from the table read featuring Rae, Orji, and executive producers Prentice Penny and Amy Aniobi. 

Various celebrities commented on the post, including those who worked on the series before. Kerry Washington, who directed an episode in season four, wrote, "So much love for this show, this cast and this crew." 

TV producer Mara Brock Akil also commented on the photo, congratulating the cast and crew for a "beautiful" body of work. "Y'all took that baton and read the hell out of your leg if this race. Beginning with taking up space on premium cable to tell your story your way, with who you wanted to and believed in… and then to end it with grace and joy," she wrote. "I applaud you. I am so happy and proud of you all!"

Rae, the creator of Insecure, kept her tribute to the special occasion short and sweet. "Final Table Read of @insecurebho happened today," Rae wrote on her Instagram Story. "Wild."

Issa Rae / Instagram

In January, Rae announced that the upcoming fifth season of the HBO series would be the final one. Season four took fans by surprise with a bombshell ending after an emotional rollercoaster of a season. After Issa (Rae) rekindled her romance with Lawrence (Jay Ellis) and put Nathan (Kendrick Sampson) in the friend zone, Condola (Christina Elmore) revealed she was pregnant with Lawrence's baby -- and she's planning to keep it. 

Lucky for fans, Rae confirmed to ET that there will be plenty of time to wrap up that storyline and others. "We're getting more than eight episodes!" she said. 

"I've been wrapping my head around this since candidly, season 3," she admitted of Insecure's end. "But I'm so grateful to be able to play this character, who is obviously a version of me, and in the same way that I want this character to grow, I want to be able to grow too. So I think that's what comes with it -- I've played her for a long time, and I have so much more that I want to do."

Rae wouldn't share any details of what's in store but did say she's "satisfied" with how things will wrap up for the show. "I'm currently satisfied, so I hope that other people will be," she expressed. "We will not be able to please everybody, but I'm happy."

"There's pressure before ending the show, but I just, I love what we've been able to do and I love the stories that we're telling, I love the cast so much," she added. "And to be able to go out in what I hope is a strong way, it feels good." 

See more in the video below. 


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