The Internet Is Comparing Taylor Swift's Billboard Music Awards Performance to Beyonce's Coachella Appearance

Swift's use of a drum line has some people accusing her of copying Beyonce's iconic performance in 2018.

Taylor Swift had a big night on Wednesday when she opened the Billboard Music Awards with the debut live performance of her new single, "ME!"

However, some viewers are raising alarms over the bright, rainbow-colored saccharine performance for its use of a drumline, clad in pink, that many viewers felt was a rip-off of Beyonce's performance at Coachella last year.

Beyonce's performance -- which was the subject of the recent Netflix documentary, Homecoming -- did in fact kick off with a marching band, although the specific similarities seem to end there.

That being said, angry Beyonce fans were quick to jump on social media to slam Swift, and accuse her of appropriating the "Formation" singer's famed performance.

However, many of Swift's die hard fans are taking to Twitter to defend the singer and her performance, with many arguing that Beyonce wasn't the first artist to use a marching band in a live act, and that she has no claim over the use of them. In fact, the singer has a history of using marching bands in performances, one fan pointed out.

Others, in a similar vein, argued that the claims of similarities were all invalid because Swift used a drumline, specifically, whereas Beyonce used a massive, full marching band with a variety of instruments.

Meanwhile, others on social media are content with just sitting back, relaxing, and using the battle between the fandoms to make some lighthearted jokes.

Swift's performance, which featured Panic! At the Disco's Brendon Urie, was an upbeat semi-recreation of her pastel music video, which hit the internet last Friday.

Check out the video below for a look at the music video for the catchy single, as well as a breakdown of off its Easter eggs and hidden messages for fans.