'The LadyGang' Star Keltie Knight Reveals Her Hilarious George Clooney Encounter (Exclusive)

The trio's new book, 'Lady Secrets,' is out now.

The LadyGang's Keltie Knight had quite the run-in with George Clooney. ET spoke to the gang -- Knight, Becca Tobin, and Jac Vanek, about their new book, Lady Secrets, which is filled with fun stories about celeb encounters, first dates and more.

"I was once in France for work, and I went the fancy hotel there, and I stumbled upon a party, and I was welcomed in because I looked fabulous, I was wearing a great dress," Knight began. "And there were shrimp and cocktails, and I was like, hobnobbing, and in walks George Clooney. He walked over to me like were long-lost best friends. And he was like, 'Oh my God, great to see you. So happy to see you.' And I was like, 'Oh my god, I'm best friends with George Clooney.'"

"He turned to walk to the next group," she continued, "and instantly his publicist came and whisked me out of the party, and I was kicked out very quickly."

Nothing is off limits in the gang's new book, including first date stories with some rather famous faces. 

"This was one of the weirdest nights, days of my life," Vanek admitted, before sharing how Oliver Hudson set her up with his friend, who ended up bringing none other than Josh Duhamel to their date when things started going left. "Oliver Hudson came on our podcast, and I was single at the time, and he set me up with his friend, Josh."

She continued, "During the date, we realized we weren't vibing, but then he ended up inviting his other friend Josh, that was going through some girl troubles onto our date, and I tried to hit on him-- it didn't work, really."

It all worked out though, with Vanek now busy planning her wedding to Jared Monaco, and Duhamel making headlines earlier this month after he tied the knot with beauty queen, Audra Mari.

As for Tobin, the Glee alum is busy being a new momma to her son, Ford, who she welcomed via surrogate -- an option she said is an important one for women to have when considering becoming mothers.

"My new life as a new mom is wonderful, exhausting, heartbreaking, heartwarming -- everything you could possibly think of, and a lot of vomit," Tobin quipped. "I think a lot more women are finding other ways to become mothers because our lives are just as big as men's, our careers are just as big, and we're starting later, quite frankly."

"I just thought it was really important to talk about the other ways in which you can become a mother, and also, if it helps another woman out there who can't carry, or frankly doesn't have the desire, to have the freedom to make the choice."

While plenty of secrets are revealed in the book, from juicy tidbits about Hollywood to their own personal secrets, the trio said they aren't too worried about any one particular person getting their hands on a copy.

"I am most afraid of my parents reading this book, that's kind of it," Tobin admitted.

"I have no fear," Knight quipped. "Because everyone knows that I say it like I mean it and I also consulted a lawyer before this book was published, and so I feel very safe that my stories will not get me sued. They may get me in trouble, but not sued."

The LadyGang's new book, Lady Secrets, is out now.