'The Masked Singer': Grandpa Monster Gets Forced Into Early Retirement by the Wildcard in Week 4!

After another tough musical battle, fans bid farewell to season's 5's fuzzy orange beast.

*Caution: Spoilers ahead!

The Masked Singer returned for the fourth week of season 5 competition on Wednesday, and after five fun performances from Group B -- and another all-new wildcard contestant -- fans had to bid farewell to another costumed contestant.

Grandpa Monster, The Piglet, The Black Swan, The Chameleon and the newly introduced wildcard -- The Crab -- all took to the stage to give it their best shot. However, it was Grandpa Monster who ended up getting the axe, despite a fun and lively performance of Joan Jett's iconic "Bad Reputation."

After all the show's panel of celebrity "detectives"  -- including Robin Thicke, Nicole Scherzinger, Ken Jeong, and Jenny McCarthy -- made their final guesses, it turned out it was Scherzinger who came tantalizingly close when she guessed YouTuber Jake Paul.

After Grandpa Monster -- who dropped to his knees in shock and disappointment when it was revealed he'd been voted off -- removed his costume -- Scherzinger realized she'd just picked the wrong brother!

That's right, Grandpa Monster turned out to be none other than YouTube star turned boxer Logan Paul!

"You were so fun to watch, you were so talented, you blew our minds," McCarthy marveled. "We're so sad to see you go home!"

"I'm sad too!"  Paul said. "Singing is so scary for me, and being in this costume, ironically, even though it's so restrictive, you feel so free in here. It was a lot of fun."

Paul went on to say, that, if he's being honest, he "never stood a chance" in a singing competition. But he admitted he still had a great time, and he threw his support behind The Black Swan, adding, "I want her to win! She's very good."

Before the unmasking and elimination, all five contestants revealed hint-filled clue packages and performed their hearts out for the panel and audience.

Grandpa Monster's "Bad Reputation" performance kicked off the episode, and was followed by a super fun and lively number from The Piglet, performing a cover of Andy Grammer's "Good to Be Alive (Hallelujah)."

The Black Swan hit the stage with the goal of really showing off the power and texture of her voice, and wowed the panel with a rendition of Shawn Mendes' "In My Blood" that left the panel in awe.

"Out of all the singers, it seems like you have the strongest spirit. Like, you want to win, but you got something else," Jeong shared after the number. "Whether it's redemption, whether it's to prove yourself, there's something driving you that is beyond this competition. You did a great job."

The Chameleon stayed in his comfort zone with an engaging and panel-pleasing rendition of "21 Questions" by 50 Cent, featuring Nate Dogg.

Finally, the wildcard contestant turned out to be The Crab, who belted out a beautifully heartbreaking and soulful cover of Bill Withers' iconic classic "Ain't No Sunshine" that nearly brought Scherzinger to tears.

"This is the wildcard we needed," McCarthy said after the number. "Someone to pull the heartstrings... we're blessed to have you."

After Grandpa Monster's departure, The Crab, The Black Swan, The Piglet and The Chameleon are going on to the next round -- where they will be facing yet another wildcard contestant! This season really is shaking things up.

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The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Fox. For more on this exciting season, check out the video below!