'The Masked Singer': Johnny Weir Dishes on Living His 'Pop Star Dream' and Picking His Costume (Exclusive)

Weir spoke with ET after his exit from season two of 'The Masked Singer,' airing Wednesday nights on Fox.

Johnny Weir had the time of his life on The Masked Singer.

The Olympic figure skater may have been voted off the Fox singing competition show, but it’s an experience he will cherish forever.

"The thing that I think is so special about The Masked Singer is that there is a hero for everyone," Weir told ET Live's Jason Carter and Melicia Johnson. "You get the people, like me, who aren’t singers, that just want to live out that pop star dream that they had when they were kids and get on stage and sing, but you get to be anonymous behind a mask and nobody is going to judge you and say, 'Oh my gosh, Johnny Weir wants to be a singer.'"

Weir had about a week and a half to prep for his performance, which included having voice lessons, choreography and more. Thankfully, his training as a figure skater helped him prepare.

"I am so honored that America is behind [the show]," he expressed, adding: "Voted off or not, I had the best time."

Weir also dished on how he decided on being the elaborate Egg. Originally, the athlete thought about being "a really cute snow fox." The furry animal that lives in icy temperatures, he thought, would be a hint to his ice skating career. However, there were already a lot of animal costumes this season and so he had to go a different route.

"And then I thought egg, Fabergé egg. I trained and lived in Russia for a while. Figure skating is big in Russia," he explained. "The hardest part of the costume was that I could see about this much [makes a square figure with his hands] out of the mouth of Egg's face…visibility was the hardest part about wearing a mask and performing like that."

Now, with the new season officially kicked off, does he have any hints or clues as to who the rest of the masked singers are? Weir says he has no idea. 

"Everyone is cloaked, everyone is masked, even friends of friends of friends," he described the scene on set. "I was standing this close to Butterfly after hearing her brilliant performance, and realizing that she's probably a legit, real-life singer and I, Egg, had to sing after her. I stood that close and I couldn't even get a scent off of her. I can't tell who she is, couldn't smell her, all I saw was those bug eyes."

Weir, however, will be sure to continue watching the series to "figure out who they are."

The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on Fox.