'The Masked Singer' Crowns a Champion! Find Out Who Won and Who Was Under the Masks

Read along with our coverage of the special two-hour finale!

**Caution: Spoilers Ahead!**

The first season of The Masked Singer came to an end on Wednesday with a special two-hour finale! The final three -- The Bee, The Peacock and The Monster -- faced off before one was crowned the winner and all three stars were finally revealed.

Fans got one last chance to play detective alongside the show's celebrity panelists -- Robin Thicke, Nicole Scherzinger, Jenny McCarthy and Ken Jeong, and some of the reveals were truly surprising and emotional.

After all the votes were counted, the third place winner was The Bee -- revealed to be Gladys Knight!

The runner up was The Peacock -- who we found out was Donny Osmond!

And finally, The Monster took home the win, and we all found out it was the angel-voiced T-Pain!

Watch along with ET as we keep you updated with all the best, weirdest and most baffling moments from The Masked Singer season finale!

The Monster (and Champion) is Finally Revealed!

The most mysterious celeb is the one who's taking home the Golden Mask trophy -- which seems appropriate -- and now we all get to find out his secret identity!

Considering the fact that T-Pain's name hasn't been suggested even once, the judges guesses are extra funny because none of them are even close.

Nick Cannon wrote his guess down ahead of time, because he's sure he knew from day 1, but the other panelists are waaay off.

Thicke says it's Jamie Foxx (because reasons?) and then McCarthy says it's Michael Vick (and that's the full-on craziest guess of the whole show).

Jeong thinks its Darius Rucker and Scherzinger guesses it's CeeLo Green (although she's not sure about it). Then Thompson suggests Tyrese Gibson again.

The Monster finally takes the mask off and it's...

... T-Pain! This is legitimately awesome!

The judges still look stunned minutes after the revelation and T-Pain better drop a new single in the next five minutes or otherwise this is a real wasted opportunity.

Can we also take a minute to reflect on McCarthy's guess that it could be Michael Vick? Out of all the most insane, impossible guesses throughout the season, this takes the cake.

And the Winner Is...

The Monster! 

It all comes down to The Monster and The Peacock, and The Monster comes out the victor!

Which means The Peacock is the runner-up, and the first to be unmasked. But first, the judges get their final guesses.

McCarthy guesses Neil Patrick Harris or Donny Osmond and ends up choosing Osmond. Jeong and Scherzinger say it's Harris, because they are crazy. Thicke and Thompson guess Weird Al.

So its no surprise to us but a huge surprise to the panelists when The Peacock reveals himself to be Osmond, and his energy is just next-level.

Apparently Osmond and McCarthy "go way back" which makes her insistence that it was Harris even more crazy.

He also reveals that the weird wig clue was related to his role in Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat, in which his character was thrown in jail, apparently. So that's fun.

And The Bee Is...

The Bee shockingly came in third. All the judges, except Ken Jeong, think it's Gladys Knight.

All the judges are right, except Jeong. As expected.

The Bee slowly but surely removes her mask and its...

Gladys Knight! We call it yet again! Also, she looks amazing.

When asked about the clues -- especially the bakeware -- Knight jokes about the guesses that it was Patti LaBelle, claiming, "Patti can't cook!"

Knight sings a few more lines from "I Can't Make You Love Me," and it's even more powerful watching her sing. In fact, nearly every judge is just openly crying.

We did call it -- but to be fair, Knight actually hinted to ET that she was The Bee back all the way in February when we interviewed her about her Super Bowl performance.

"We didn't even know who was on the show, and I still can't tell you who was on the show. We had separate everything," Knight said to ET at the time. " They went to the inth degree for this information not to get out. Not even telling the people that were doing the show who was doing the show. And we wore masks all the time."

The Votes Are In!

Coming in third place is The Bee!

WHAT?! I'm sorry, third? That's... what is happening?

The Monster Shows How to Do It

The Monster also goes retro with Montell Jordan's "This Is How We Do It," and there's no way you don't sing and dance around like that.

The performance is so physical and charming and bringing such a vibrant energy to the audience, it kind of makes me think he might win. Which means (if I'm right) we live in a world where T-Pain might beat Gladys Knight in a singing competition.

Of course the panelists have straight-up no idea who the hell is under that mask. Guesses include Tyrese Gibson, Tiger Woods and Terrence Howard, and that is just the perfect example of how the panelists have been making up insane nonsense all season.

The Monster -- New Clues

-- "I've always been a monster, and that's fine by me."

-- "I hope I showed there can be beauty in anything, even if it's a little bit different."

Tonight's clue package is light on clues, but it's obviously T-Pain. I'm 100 percent sure now.

The Bee Makes Us Love Her

The Bee shows her brilliant vocal talents with a rendition of "I Can't Make You Love Me," by Bonnie Raitt that almost brings guest panelist Kenan Thompson to tears.

This time around, the judges seem to be on the same page more than with other contestants in the past.

"It was unbe-Gladys Knight-able," Thompson says, laughing. Scherzinger and Thicke agree but Jeong somehow disagrees (to a degree that I suspect might be just the producers begging him to be a contrarian to make it less obvious).

The Bee -- New Clues!

-- "This show has been such a challenge."

-- "I just said my prayer and went out there."

-- "I've been entertaining people for almost 70 years."

-- "I came on this show determined to connect to a new generation."

Gladys Knight is 74 and she's been singing since she was a small child. In other words, she's been entertaining people for almost 70 years. It's Knight, 100 percent.

The Peacock Shakes a Tail Feather

The Peacock gives his most retro (and high-energy) performance to date with a cover of Ray Charles' "Shake a Tail Feather" where he goes into the audience with his backup dancers and it's just all kinds of fun.

The judges are now giving their guesses, and Jenny McCarthy cannot get off the Neil Patrick Harris train. Although she also guesses Donny Osmond, and that's the only good guess thus far.

Robin Thicke thinks it's Weird Al Yankovic because Weird Al did a song based on "Blurred Lines" (and because Thicke is apparently a terrible judge of height).

The Peacock -- Final Clues!

-- "In my career, I have done it all."

-- "The key to my success is this: I don't relax."

-- "I am a perfectionist. I love it, and I hate it."

-- "Winning would mean everything to me."

Yeah, none of these clues really helped at all. Oh well.

All 12 Stars Return!

To kick off the finals in style, all 12 Masked Singers came out to perform together on stage, and seeing them all side-by-side is just a perfect reminder of how totally, wonderfully bonkers this show really is.

Now the Real Show Starts!

After an hour of recapping, we are finally at the finals! Let's get to the singing and the unmasking!

New Clues for Each Singer!

The Peacock

-- "A beehive symbolizes where I'm from." (Donny Osmond was born in Ogden, Utah, which is known as the Beehive State.)

The Bee

-- "I won a singing competition before those judges were even born." (Knight won Ted Mack's The Original Amateur Hour TV show contest 1952 when she was 7 years old.)

The Monster

-- "Let's talk about the bird and the bee. I've got the music, the lyrics and the cadence to take them down. Whether it's in my cave, in a bar on on a boat." (T-Pain is arguably most famous for the Lonely Island song "I'm On a Boat.")

The Peacock's Road to the Finals

Looking back over The Peacock's performances, it's pretty wild how great his stage presence was back in week one, and every time he's taken the stage since.

"It's never too late for a comeback," The Peacock said after performing "The Greatest Showman" back in the premiere. He made it clear that he's a seasoned (and older) performer from the very beginning.

There's just no way this isn't Donny Osmond. His voice, his professionalism, his charisma, it's all the mark of a life-long performer, and The Peacock demonstrates those talents week after week.

The Clues are Super Varied

Looking back at all the clues that were given out over the season, it's pretty weird to see how wildly different the hints were when it comes to obscurity.

Some of the clues -- like Ricki Lake's Emmy or La Toya Jackson's police badge -- made it almost too easy to guess who they were. 

However, they failed to explain what Rumer Willis' white scrunchie clue was related to. Did Demi Moore wear a white scrunchie? You can't just leave that vague, people!

The Bee's Clue Breakdown

-- She said she's won 10 GRAMMY Awards. (As does Knight.)

-- She said "Empress also suits me." (Knight is referred to as the Empress of Soul).

-- She made lots of baking references. (Knight has a cookbook).

These are just a few of the many, many clues that point to Knight being the hidden star.

The Bee's Road to the Finals

The Bee says she's "been on stage so many times" but the costume makes it hard to see, and it constricts her voice. So, that amazing first performance was constricted? That's insane.

She also says that its fun to sing pop hits "that are new to me," and since she said she started singing in the 1950s, it makes sense she's not used to singing pop hits.

Like I said, we're pretty sure this is Gladys Knight, which makes looking back at her masterful performances of modern hits even more mind-blowing.

I don't know what the point of having a singing competition is when one contestant is Tommy Chong and the other is Gladys Knight, but I'm never going to complain about having more of the Empress of Soul on my TV.

Looking Back at All the Clues

They went back over all the past clues for all the revealed contestants, and it was a neat (if somewhat redundant) walk down memory lane.

Almost every clue was one we picked up on -- including a whole bunch that the recap montage didn't even touch on -- so it isn't super revelatory.

However, Margaret Cho said she chose The Poodle because, "I am fluffy and pink, but I am still a b**ch," and that's some pretty funny insight we didn't get from any of the clue packages. 

The Monster -- Clue Breakdown

They are going back over the past clues!

- He's making a comeback after hitting rock bottom.

- He drove his "caddy" from the South.

- He likes partying.

- He said that only some people consider him a real singer.

- He makes important calls on a headset.

This is T-Pain. There's almost zero doubt. And if it's not, its definitely not any of the insane guesses the panelists have suggested!

The Monster's Road to the Finals

The first hour of this 2-hour special is giving us a look back at each of the finalists' time on the show, starting with The Monster.

I totally forgot that The Monster was in the bottom three on the first night, when Antonio Brown was revealed to be The Hippo. 

Since then, he's really shown off his impressive vocal skills and Robin Thicke even said The Monster is his favorite singer on the show.

He's also the only contestant to really, truly change up his outfits. I'm not sure if any of them contain clues to his identity, but it does make him seem playful.

And again, if Kenan Thompson hadn't been a guest panelist on the show, there's no way I could ever be sure it wasn't him. His singing voice absolutely sounds like the Saturday Night Live star.

An Inside Look at the Secrecy

"It's like a non-stop murder mystery masquerade party, only with more singing, and less murder," host Nick Cannon says of the intense level of secrecy that goes in to keep the Masked Singers' identities a real secret.

Even their agents and publicists have to wear masks? It makes sense, but also sounds like a long day of filming.

The Final Three -- Our Predictions

As The Masked Singer finale kicks off, lets take a quick look at the remaining stars, and our predictions about who they are:

The Peacock -- We're almost 100% sure this is Donny Osmond. The clues all match (and Marie Osmond all but confirmed it by accident during a TV interview in January).

The Bee -- This is Gladys Knight. There's basically no way it isn't. Not only does her voice sound exactly like Knight's, but she also said she's won 10 GRAMMYs, which also fits perfectly.

The Monster -- This is T-Pain. The music clues, the video gaming clues, they all add up. The only concern is that T-Pain's name has literally never been brought up by the panelists. But they also keep suggesting The Peacock is Neil Patrick Harris, so, you know...

Check out our list of best guesses and possible spoilers to see who we think are under the final three masks.

For more on the latest celebs to be revealed on the wild reality singing competition, check out the video below!