'The Masked Singer': The Lion & The Rabbit Unmasked in Shocking Semi-Finals -- Find Out Their Real Identities!

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*Caution: Spoilers Ahead*

The Masked Singer will be showcasing all-new performances and fresh clues Wednesday night, as the competition enters the semi-finals and the five remaining costumed contenders face off as viewers try to piece together the clues to their secret identities.

Fans got another chance to play detective this week with new hints and more outlandish guesses from the show's celebrity panelists -- Robin Thicke, Nicole Scherzinger, Jenny McCarthy and Ken Jeong.

After a jam-packed night filled with amazing performances, the audience voted and two stars were unmasked!

Shockingly, The Lion was axed first, and the singer was revealed to be Rumer Willis -- daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore and past Dancing With the Stars Mirrorball trophy winner.

Next up was The Rabbit, who delivered a skillful but underwhelming performance and got sent home because of it. After pulling off his mask, we learned The Rabbit was NSYNC star Joey Fatone! Both stars were our best guesses since the show kicked off in January.

Last week, we found out the secret identity of The Alien, who was unmasked and revealed to be singer, actress and TV personality La Toya Jackson! 

Read the live blog entries below for a look at all the best, weirdest and most baffling moments from the Masked Singer semi-finals

And The Rabbit Is...

6:58 PM:

Following his lackluster performance earlier in the evening, it's not super surprising that The Rabbit gets voted out.

Before being unmasked, the judges give their final guesses. Thompson says Nick Lachey, while Jeong suggests it's Kevin Richardson from The Backstreet Boys.

Thicke and Scherzinger, meanwhile, both say it's Joey Fatone, while McCarthy guesses it's her own husband, Donnie Wahlberg.

So, who's under the mask?

It's Fatone! It was always going to be Fatone. At no point was it ever possible that it wouldn't be Fatone.

"This is some crazy a** s**t," Fatone sats, joking about his time on the show.

He goes on to address the clues, revealing that he's loved magic since he was little and reveals that performing in a mask has helped him overcome his claustrophobia.

This means The Bee, The Monster and The Peacock are headed to the finals!

And The Lion Is...

6:52 PM:

Despite being one of the best singers, The Lion was shockingly eliminated and before she is unmasked, the judges get to make their wild guesses.

McCarthy and Thompson guess its Kelly Rowland, while Scherzinger says it's Hailee Steinfeld and Thicke suggests it's Michelle Williams.

So who is The Lion? After yet another interminably long unmasking process, it turns out she is...

... Rumer Willis!

"I knew how to dance... but I wanted everyone to know I could sing too," Willis said, when asked about why she decided to do the show.

For the record, we've been saying it was Willis since the first time The Lion took the stage!

The Bee Feels Like a 'Natural Woman'

6:42 PM:

The Bee sang the iconic Aretha Franklin tune "(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman" and every one of the judges, including Thompson, are basically sure it's Gladys Knight under that creepy-as-hell mask.

"I know exactly who that is," Thompson says. "Who in their right mind doesn't know that's Gladys Knight? That voice is one of the most familiar voices in the history of music."

Jeong disagrees, suggesting that it could be another iconic soul singer like Anita Baker or Patti LaBelle.

"I'm a people person. Let me tell you something. Behind this mask, it's difficult because I'm cut off from [the audience]," The Bee said, adding that she likes to be able to be closer to the people she sings for.

The Bee -- New Clues

6:38 PM:

-- "What if I've been giving mixed messages all this time?"

-- "You know I like baking, and nobody makes a peach cobbler quite like mine."

-- "I am surprised by how competitive I've become as an insect."

-- She says Aretha Franklin was a "good friend" of hers.

The Rabbit Belts Out 'My Girl'

6:35 PM:

The Rabbit goes retro with a slower rendition of The Temptations' "My Girl" that is a great showcase of his voice, but seems to bore the judges.

Before the judges guess, The Rabbit gives more clues, sharing, "I'm very optimistic. When I'm into something, I'm in it 100 percent," he says. "Believe it or not, I've done some work in a costume before... but never while singing."

McCarthy suggests it could be her own husband, Donnie Wahlberg, but then Scherzinger reads our minds and guesses that it could be Joey Fatone, which Thicke agrees with.

Given how underwhelming his ballad performance was, it seems like we might finally get to see who The Rabbit really is at the end of the night.

The Rabbit -- New Clues

6:30 PM:

-- He says he's a "versatile performer in my own right."

-- "Whenever I'm under a lot of pressure" he takes the family to "the great outdoors."

-- He says he likes tuna, which he calls "Chicken of the Sea."

The Lion Sings Stevie Wonder

6:28 PM:

The Lion belts out a show-stopping cover of "Don't Worry Bout a Thing" by Stevie Wonder that proves, again, that she's definitely a professional.

The Lion gives some hints, sharing, "I'm an advocate, not a victim, even though I've been bullied for a lot of my life, a daughter, a sister. I have moments of insecurity, but to sing in a mask completely changes everything that you thought you know. You just have to believe in yourself."

Thompson thinks it could be Kelly Rowland from the clue package, but the vocal display makes him question that.

Thicke is sticking with it being Michelle Williams of Destiny's Child, while McCarthy then brings up the possibility that its someone from Wilson Phillips.

Scherzinger, however, says it could be an actress like Hailee Steinfeld.

The Lion -- New Clues

6:23 PM:

-- "For the first time, I'm judged only as a singer."

-- "I'm just a lion who wants to be heard, not the child of my parents or the empire I was born into."

-- "Us girls, we run the world. And tonight, you better hold on."

We still think it's Rumer Willis, but there's so many misdirects that shake that confidence.

The Monster Wants Us to Stay With Him

6:18 PM:

The Monster really does slow things down with an emotional cover of Sam Smith's "All I Need" that actually brings Scherzinger to tears. Thicke calls it a "GRAMMY-worthy" performance.

Ken Jeong is the first to mention how Thompson has long been his best bet for who The Monster is, but now realizes it can't be him.

The Monster reveals some new clues, explaining that he's "a father, a husband, and more than anything I'm a person."

Jeong says he thinks it's Jamie Foxx, but McCarthy leans more toward it being a DJ like Calvin Harris.

Thicke actually presents a really interesting possibility of it being Darius Rucker, while Thompson suggests CeeLo Green.

No one suggested T-Pain, and admittedly this is the one contestant we're the least sure about.


The Monster -- New Clues

6:13 PM:

-- "I never cared about the rules of the game" and plays board games in the video.

-- "After doing some soul searching, I was ready for something new."

--  He says having his identity hidden has given him the comeback he's "wanted for a decade."

-- "I've been hiding behind faster tracks" but he's "ready to slow things down."

The Peacock Sings a Calvin Harris Tune

6:08 PM:

The Peacock wows the crowd with a cover of Calvin Harris' "Let's Go" and it stuns the judges, with Robin Thicke calling it his "best song" thus far.

The Peacock then gives another clue, telling the audience, "I have dedicated my life to show business. This mask transforms me into another character."

The talkative Peacock then gives more clues saying he used Thicke's "Blurred Lines" as inspiration for a recent song. However, this makes the singer think it's Weird Al Yankovic.

Nicole Scherzinger says she knows The Peacock, and confirms that. Then She suggests it's Neil Patrick Harris (even though that makes no sense with the clues that have already been given.)

Hilariously, Jenny McCarthy is the only one who suggests it's Donny Osmond, which we're almost 100 percent sure correct.

The Peacock -- New Clues

6:04 PM:

-- He makes more magic references.

-- "I pride myself on being the brightest and most well-rounded performer of the flock."

-- "I'm gonna give it everything I've got to be the idol that they all deserve."

Kenan Thompson Is a Guest Panelist!

6:02 PM:

I knew that the Saturday Night Live star wasn't REALLY The Monster, but having Thompson on the panel really makes it impossible.

I guess it's back to The Monster being T-Pain.

Big Night Ahead!

5:59 PM:

All five remaining contestants are hitting the stage tonight, and at the end of the show, we'll be getting a DOUBLE REVEAL!

Two stars' masks are coming off tonight! Our money is on The Monster and The Rabbit, but The Peacock could also be getting the ax as well.

For more on the latest celeb to be revealed on the wild reality singing competition, check out the video below!


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