'The Morning Show' Is Restarting Production, Steve Carell to Return

The Morning Show Cast
David Paul Morris/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston are going back to work!

Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon are returning to work! ET confirms that Apple TV+'s The Morning Show will resume production on Oct. 19. 

This comes after the streaming service announced a production shutdown on March 12 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In addition to revealing the cast and crew's return to set, Apple TV+ also confirms that Steve Carell, who portrays disgraced newsman Mitch Kessler on the show, is returning for the second season. Carell will join series regulars Aniston (Alex Levy), Witherspoon (Bradley Jackson), Billy Crudup (Cory Ellison), Nestor Carbonell (Yanko Flores), Bel Powley (Claire Conway), Karen Pittman (Mia Jordan), Desean Terry (Daniel Henderson) and Mark Duplass (Chip Black).

After production of the show was shut down, ET spoke with Duplass about the series resuming filming, and he admitted to feeling uncertain about returning to set. 

"Just from my admittedly uneducated viewpoint, the concept of getting that huge cast on a set inside where germs and everything can be spread a-very plentifully, to me that means it's going to be a while before we come back with any level of safety," he said in mid-July. "I'm going to make room for it whenever it comes, because I love it and I want to support it, but I'm not banking on it being anytime soon."

The first season of The Morning Show began with Carell's Kessler character being fired from the news program after he was accused of sexual misconduct. The premise largely reflected the fall of many powerful men amid the #MeToo movement, which has led many fans to wonder if season 2 of the series will address COVID-19 and the Black Lives Matter protests.

Back in July, Duplass did confirm that the show's team of writers were reworking the season. "I know that they do believe in trying to find the best way to reflect where we are now in this new version of what season 2 will be," he told ET. "I'm letting them have their time and space without bugging them. But I am just as curious as you are as to what that's going to be. Chip is a cis, white male in a position of power who loses his power at the end of season 1, and for me, that is an interesting story. If you're going to tell a story with a white dude, that's what I'm interested in seeing."