'The Office' Stars Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey Tease Possible Movie -- and This A-List Star Is on Board

Angela Kinsey and Jenna Fischer
Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

Check out the A-list celebrity who is on board to star in a possible movie of 'The Office.'

Fans are getting their hopes up once more for a possible return to the awkward and hysterical dynamics of the Dunder Mifflin office staff.

The Office co-stars, Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey, welcomed Bryan Cranston as a guest on the latest episode of their Office re-watch podcast, Office Ladies, and the pair confirmed that they would be willing to reprise their roles under the right circumstances.

Cranston -- who actually directed the season 9 episode "Work Bus" -- asked the pair if they'd be interested in returning to the property if it returned as a full-length movie, instead of a reboot or revival series.

"I would do it," Kinsey said. "I would do it for my kids because I think they would think that's fun."

"I mean, if Greg did it. Because I would trust it. You know?" Fischer said, referring to Greg Daniels, who developed the series and served as the showrunner for the first four seasons. "As long as Greg is writing it and he's in charge of it, then I say yes."

"Yes. One hundred percent," Kinsey added. "Greg is signed on in this hypothetical."

If this theoretical film adaptation of The Office were to become a reality, Cranston said he'd actually want to be in it -- as a background actor.

"I just wanna be an extra in it," the Breaking Bad star shared. "I do. I would be an extra in it. I would be some guy. I'd be a, like a crossing guard or something like that."

"Maybe you're like a one of Dwight's hired hands on Schrute Farms," Kinsey joked.

The Office -- which was adapted from Ricky Gervais' UK comedy series of the same name - ran for nine seasons and aired its final episode in May 2013.

Recently, Daniels has reportedly been developing a quasi-reboot of the series, which would serve as a new take on the general concept, and has even assembled a writers room to work on the idea, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The new take on The Office would not include the original characters or actors, but might be set in the same fictional universe.