The Top Engagement Ring Trends of 2020, According to Experts

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In need of engagement ring inspo? The pros reveal the biggest ring trends to keep your eyes on.

Engagement season continues, which means rings are on the mind. 

Whether you and your S.O. are ready for the next big step or you're single and just looking for fun, it's important to know what style of rock you want to wear on your left hand forever. 

To inspire your choice, we've tapped 20 experts, spanning from designers to fine jewelry executives, to detail their picks of the biggest engagement ring trends to know for 2020. 

A couple of takeaways? As expected, celebrities are continuing to catapult certain engagement ring trends, such as the oval diamond a la Hailey Bieber's massive rock from Justin Bieber and the multi-stone design like Meghan Markle's three-stone stunner from Prince Harry. 

Ahead, feast your eyes on some of the most gorgeous engagement rings and discover this season's top styles. 

Hidden Detail

"When it comes to Blue Nile engagement rings, it’s all in the hidden details -- the latest trend destined to make its mark in 2020. Intricate detailing on the basket surrounding your diamond creates a beautifully staged center stone. Hailey Bieber’s engagement ring embodies these refined details in her contemporary oval solitaire setting." 

--Katie Zimmerman, chief merchandising officer, Blue Nile

Solitaire Oval

"The hottest shape and ring style my clients are requesting, hands down, is the solitaire oval diamond ring with a hidden halo. Less is more this year and clients want their center stone to shine, so we are seeing fewer top halos and more hidden halos tucked underneath the basket -- a little something sparkly just for her eyes to enjoy. And a large, spready and scintillating oval (the most in-demand shape), which is a feminine and flattering cut due to its curves, elongation and large spread." 

--Michelle Demaree, engagement ring expert and founder of boutique concierge, Miss Diamond Atelier  

Tradition-Defying Blooms

"Bolder brides are often looking for a big, fancy-shaped head-turner for that Instagram-worthy ring selfie, but they aren’t ready to take the leap of committing to a fancy-shaped center diamond at that big, fancy price tag. So, we created our Inflori Collection as an illusion bloom, which beautifully transforms a brilliant one-carat round diamond and appears as a three-carat oval, three-carat marquise or a four-carat pear. Because who doesn’t want a bigger center diamond look without the price tag?!" 

--Michelle Chila, fashion director, Tacori 

Romantic Design 

"Romantic designs celebrate love and happiness with delicate shapes and dreamy hues. A few years ago, we started to see a shift from traditional metals to rose gold, and now, gemstones like morganite and aqua are nearly as sought after as white diamonds. With soft, feminine stones like the oval and pear also being so popular, it’s safe to say that romantic designs will be big this year." 

--Neil Lane, bridal authority, jeweler to the stars and author of Style Your Wedding with Neil Lane

Rose Gold Setting 

"Ovals are having a moment and so is the rose gold setting. We have seen this trend start to get bigger in 2019 and predict the rose gold mounting requests are here to stay. This ring features a rose gold mounting with micro pavé detail on the shank and the stilts, giving a beautiful detailed view from the side, but still letting the oval stone speak for itself." 

--Teresa Panico, head of marketing and sales, Material Good

Playful Setting

"What we’re seeing now is an excitement and buzz to our new Hayley Paige for Hearts On Fire. Why? It’s different, whimsical and gives a playful nod to a statement piece you wear each and every day. With hidden pink sapphires in every piece and a selection of unique and ethereal bands, you can play up anything in your existing jewelry box."

--Trisha Spillane, director of public relations and brand communications, Hearts On Fire 

Multi-Stone Ring 

"We have been asked for classic pieces with a twist or multi-stone rings -- a modernized version from the traditional three stone. This started with the 'Meghan Markle effect,' however, we have seen this continue, but with a modernist edge and more contemporary feel. For this we have created a three-stone design with a knife-edge shank, which goes into a point at the bottom to even the weight and additional detailing." 

--Laura Chavez, founder of Lark & Berry

Bezel Setting 

"We’ve seen a growing trend of couples selecting rings from our Moonlight Bezel Collection as they are looking for jewelry that stands up to daily life, is comfortable to wear and retains a sleek look of elegance and sophistication."

--Myriam Gumuchian, owner and vice president of Gumuchian

Vintage-Inspired Style 

"We are seeing an upward trend in settings that give off a vintage vibe, but are modernly infused with clean lines and dainty accents." 

--Brittany Bozmoski, chief marketing officer, Diamond Nexus and 1215 Diamonds

Navette Ring 

"Navette rings originally came into fashion in the Victorian Era, and I’ve noticed a resurgence in their popularity in recent years. They’re impressive and also unexpected, and I think many brides-to-be are drawn to their vintage look. While I’ve designed a traditional white gold and white diamond version, I love using the style to play with colored stones as well." 

--Colette Steckel, founder, Colette Jewelry 

Cushion Cut 

"Our customers have been gravitating toward our twist on the cushion cut diamond ring: a very unique Kaleidoscope Ring that houses diamonds that dance between two crystal sapphires. It's truly an out-of-the-box ring that packs a lot of personality."

--Moritz Glik, founder 

Open Ring

"Our open rings have become a Jemma Wynne signature and a style that's become increasingly popular; they are really what catapulted us into the bridal category. Couples come to us to create something completely new or they have an heirloom stone they want to breathe new life into. We love how the silhouette allows us to work with endless combinations of stone cuts, angles, shapes and sizes -- always creating something truly bespoke. They're also a great way to introduce color, which is something we've noticed many brides-to-be are looking for."

--Stephanie Wynne Lalin & Jenny Klatt, co-founders, Jemma Wynne

Lab-Grown Diamonds

“The biggest trend this year is the switch from mined diamonds to cultivated diamonds. Customers are able to get larger stones at a higher clarity and color for their budget -- a nice two-carat stone costs around $10,000 and three carats under $15,000."

--Shahla Karimi, founder, Shahla Karimi Jewelry

Champagne/Yellow Diamonds 

"Champagne or yellow diamonds bring a lovely warmth to rings, especially when set in yellow gold next to white diamonds as side stones." 

--Michelle Oh, founder, Michelle Oh Jewellery

Band Style 

"Many of our brides-to-be are favoring bands as engagement rings. Women want something they feel comfortable wearing every day, something that's OK to jump in the ocean with or head to spinning in. The constellation ring has a beautiful sense of motion and almost looks as if the diamonds are floating in its gentle curves. Casual enough for everyday, but very fine at once." 

--Renna Brown-Taher, founder, Renna Jewels

Thick Cigar Band 

"I’ve noticed that there’s been a rise in popularity for cigar bands as engagement rings. They’re a very elegant way to give an engagement ring a more relaxed feel while still remaining luxurious and special." 

--Arman Sarkisyan, founder, Arman Sarkisyan Jewelry

North, South, East, West Prongs 

"NSEW-set prongs have been rising in popularity and will be a strong trend for 2020. These are prongs set north, south, east, west, instead of the traditional four corners of a diamond. Prongs placed in the orientation add something unique to a setting without overpowering the design." 

--Ashley Zhang, founder, Ashley Zhang Jewelry

Asscher Cut 

"There is rise in interest for fancy cut stones and we have been seeing more requests for asscher cut diamonds. The geometric shape brings a modern flair to the ring."

--Katherine Kim, founder, KatKim

Alternative Stones 

"Our customers are looking for stones as unique as their relationships. We have been seeing an increased interest in Montana sapphires. Not only are their colors varied across the full spectrum, but their sourcing is completely transparent. For a client looking for an alternative to a diamond, our fair mined sapphires are a natural fit."

--Melissa Joy Manning, founder, Melissa Joy Manning Jewelry

Mixed Metals 

"Ladies are really leaning toward non-traditional shapes like ovals, pears and hearts rather than the classic and more traditional cuts. Obviously, celebrity choices help drive these trends, but I also feel like ladies are looking to differentiate their rings from the classic designs they grew up seeing in their mother's jewelry box. On that note, I've also seen a resurgence of mixing metals. More and more people are requesting a two-tone aesthetic by combining white gold with rose or yellow gold. If opting for a diamond to go with the two-tone aesthetic, I always advise customers to choose a natural diamond as they are becoming rarer every day. Unlike lab-grown diamonds which hold little to no value, natural diamonds retain their value over time and can be handed down as family heirlooms, which is important for engagement rings and wedding bands." 

--Jason Arasheben, celebrity jeweler and founder of Jason of Beverly Hills

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