'The Voice': Brittany Bree and Samara Brown's Aretha Franklin Battle Has the Coaches Ready to Steal

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The Battle Rounds are heating up on season 21 of The Voice -- and a Team Legend showdown on Tuesday had the coaches ready to make some major moves!

For the final battle of the night, Brittany Bree and Samara Brown took the stage to put their harmonic spin on Aretha Franklin's rendition of "Something He Can Feel."

The pair's dynamic, soulful duet had the coaches on their feet almost immediately, and John Legend was looking over his shoulder for a potential steal.

"Your voices are insane!" Kelly Clarkson raved of the performance. "It was this tug of war of me going, 'Who am I going to tell John to pick?' and then I was like, 'I don't care about John. What I care about is that one of you is going to be available to steal!'"

"I was so blown away," Blake Shelton agreed. "This is the moment right here, where people can either buckle under the pressure or step up and become a star. You both just really owned the moment and the stage." 

New coach Ariana Grande even had her hand on her buzzer, ready to steal whichever artist John didn't pick to win the battle.

"I have been obsessed with you both since the blinds," she gushed. "Your tones are so spectacular and so different, and yet they complement each other so beautifully."

As for their coach, John praised Samara for taking his rehearsal notes, saying, "It was exactly what it needed to be." 

And he was especially blown away by Brittany, who is performing secular music for the first time on The Voice.

"That stank you have on your voice, that hits me right in my heart," he raved. "For you to deliver it with the passion, with the personality, with the charisma that you did, you did exactly what you were supposed to do."

Ultimately, John picked Brittany as the winner of the battle, but hit his buzzer almost immediately to save Samara -- and Kelly and Ariana hit theirs to try and steal!

"I said backstage, I have one steal, and if I were going to use it on anyone, I would use it on Samara," Ari promised.

"You're a blessing to this show," Kelly raved, "whether you choose to stay with your coach or you go to the right team -- my team."

However, John's admission that he should have never paired Brittany and Samara sealed the deal for the singer and she decided to "come on home" and stick with Team Legend.

"I had to save Samara," John told the cameras after his win. "Ariana and Kelly put their best foot forward to try and make that steal, but I was gonna fight for Samara and I did. Nice try, ladies."

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The Voice airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. PT/ET on NBC. See more from this season in the video below.


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