'The Voice': Jeremy Rosado and Jershika Maple's Stunning Battle Leads to an Epic Steal

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The Battle Rounds kicked off on The Voice season 21 on Monday, and the coaches are already blown away by the vocal talent from this season's contestants!

The final battle of the night was a Team Kelly showdown between Jeremy Rosado and Jershika Maple, who teamed up for a soaring rendition of Justin Bieber's "Hold On" that had the coaches out of their seats. 

"I don't know that we've ever had battles this good before," Blake Shelton raved. "This is a blast to sit here and watch."

"This show is like the most painful thing I've ever been a part of," Ariana Grande joked of Kelly Clarkson's agonizing decision. "You're both so good."

While Blake was leaning towards Jeremy, noting his surprise at the way he held his own in the duet, Ari raved that Jershika's runs "sent me through the roof." John Legend agreed, noting that while Jeremy's "range is incredible," he was also leaning towards Jershika, saying plainly, "You are a damn good singer."

It all came down to Kelly's decision between the "two amazing powerhouse vocalists," and she was struggling.

"You both elevated each other," she told her team members. "I thought that was kind of cool and magical."

"Y'all have the best hearts as well," she added. "You're both just stellar humans."

Ultimately, Kelly declared Jeremy the winner of the battle, and was without a save to use on Jershika. Not to worry, as both John and Ariana hit their button to steal!

However, the episode ended on a shocking cliffhanger after John and Ari made their pitches -- fans had to wait until Tuesday night to see which team Jershika chose to join. Ultimately, the singer made her chose and joined Team Legend!

"I love Jershika's voice, it's so soulful, so powerful," John raved of his newest team member. "Kelly, you better watch out. You should not have let Jershika go!"

Though Ari was disappointed, she was holding on to her steal for another singer. "I think the right thing will happen when it's supposed to," she added.

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Ahead of season 21, John, Kelly and Blake placed a target on Ariana's back as the first-time coach this season -- especially because so many of the show's young singers idolize the two-time GRAMMY winner's vocal talent and chart success.

"Of course she's a threat!" John said with a laugh during their preseason press conference. "She is hugely talented, hugely successful and has legions and legions of fans that know how to use the internet and vote."

"There's no disadvantage when you're Ariana Grande," Kelly agreed. "She can't say it. I will."

"It's embarrassing to follow her [onto the Voice stage]," Blake joked of the audience's enthusiasm for the "7 Rings" singer. "It exposes my lack of celebrity."

As a longtime "huge fan of The Voice," Ariana was humble about her possible advantages, but said she couldn't wait for fans to see how her season 21 team comes together.

"I have watched many seasons and I love watching the show," she said. "It always has the best energy. It's such wholesome, inspiring television, and I love seeing the different voices and watching so many people start careers for themselves. It's a beautiful, amazing thing."

The Voice airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. PT/ET on NBC. See more from this season in the video below.


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