This Incredible Sidewalk Chalk Art Will Instantly Brighten Your Day

Sidewalk Art - Good News

Who knew that sidewalk chalk art could be so magical?

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, we've seen people all across the globe getting very creative at home, creating their own DJ sets, Olympic games, balcony concerts and more. But for a few parents in quarantine, all they need is a tub of chalk -- and their imagination! -- to make their kids smile.

One mother in North Carolina, for example, has found a new hobby of recreating iconic scenes from Disney movies like Cinderella, Frozen and Peter Pan. She purposely leaves space in each drawing so that her young daughter can pose next to her favorite characters, and, of course, take lots of cute pics!

Stacy Lazara, a mother of two in Illinois, had similar sidewalk chalk art ideas, and now posts new pics almost daily on Facebook with the hashtag "#chalkyourwalk." Her 7-year-old daughter, Ashlyn, seems to be having fun with the themes, which range from Star Wars... "Road Runner: The original social distancer"... The Wizard of Oz's "Dorothy in quarantine."

See more amazing chalkwork below:

In more happy news, John Krasinski virtually gathered his former co-stars from The Office together for this week's edition of his Some Good News show.

Watch below:

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