Quarantine Olympics Creator Explains How to Compete in the Stay-at-Home Games (Exclusive)

Quarantine Olympics
The Presley Family

The official 2020 Olympics may not be happening until 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic, but sports lovers all around the world can now partake in the "Quarantine Olympics" thanks to one family in Cornelius, North Carolina!

ET exclusively spoke with Alex Presley, the 25-year-old "CEO" and "Commissioner" of a series of stay-at-home games, who explained how his family's viral challenges came to be. Alex is currently quarantining with his mother, Wendy, father, Lee, twin brother, Zach, and girlfriend, Taylor Sharpe. So far, they've completed approximately 34 different challenges, ranging from Roomba balloon pop to toilet paper bowling to stair sledding.

"We are a pretty fun family and like to play games most nights. One night, my mom tried to get us to play the same card game we had played the last two nights, so I decided it was time to switch it up," Alex explains. "So I made everyone do a straw race, where we try and beat the refrigerator. It went viral overnight [on TikTok] and we've been doing games ever since!"

Alex said the response to his family's games has been "crazy," with friends, family and news organizations from all over reaching out.

"It's definitely increased the production time of the videos, because now my mom and girlfriend take two hours to get ready before the challenges," he jokes, telling ET he's now working with NBC Sports to hopefully collaborate with actual Olympic athletes. "I am still working on the challenges, but it's crazy to think I could be going up against an Olympian."

"Honestly, it would be crazy if Steph Curry wanted to challenge me in the 3-point toilet paper contest!" he adds. "We grew up basically next door and went to the same church. I've always been a fan, so if he wanted to compete, I'll start warming up!"

While competing against professional athletes would definitely be cool, Alex said he and his family still love watching other people across the country play these games. The Presley family is encouraging everyone to take part in their Olympics while we continue to stay home and practice safe social distancing.

"We really want to do a couple games where we can challenge other people or families. Make sure to tag me on Instagram or TikTok so we can check them out and possibly challenge you to an event!" Alex shares. "Also, a lot of people are now using the hashtag #QuarantineOlympics, which is a great way for other people to watch their games."

To kickstart your own family Olympics, Alex explains to ET the rules of his top three favorite games. See below!



Day 23 of the Quarantine Olympics... Sock Slide Challenge! Tag someone who can beat this ##sockslide##quarantineolympics##onehometeam##MMMDrop

♬ original sound - alexpresley_

"This is a super fun and hilarious game! Everyone puts on their best pair of socks and you select a start point on the floor. Everyone takes turns running to the line, and then they have to slide from there. Once you stop sliding, you mark it and measure how far your slide was. Whoever slides the farthest wins!"



Quarantine Olympics day 4. The game of choice is social distancing ##6ftchallenge Need to practice being our distancing ##quarantineolympics

♬ original sound - alexpresley_

"This one is very simple; all you need is a measuring tape. One person holds the end of the measuring tape (must be upside down so you can’t see the distance), and the other person grabs the tape and walks back until they feel they have reached six feet. Once you are confident in your placement, lock the measuring tape and flip it over to see how close you were to actual six feet apart. Closest person to six feet wins."



Day 7 Blindfolded Toilet Paper Dodgeball. This game is actually too much fun!! ?? ##Toiletpaperdodgeball##quarantineolympics##toosieslide

♬ Eine kleine Nachtmusik - Mozart

"To play, blindfold yourself with rolls of toilet paper, spin around five times and try to play a game of dodgeball. I would highly recommend filming this one because watching it back is hilarious. You think you are throwing at someone, but when you watch the recording, you are actually just throwing toilet paper at a window or wall! There's a lot of adrenaline when you are actually playing, and a lot of laughter when watching the game back after."

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