'This Is Us' Sneak Peek: Kevin Rethinks His Life After Being Hit With Unexpected News (Exclusive)

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Kevin Pearson takes a good hard look at his past after receiving some surprising news.

On Tuesday's episode of This Is Us, tiled "Flip a Coin," Kevin (Justin Hartley) drops by Uncle Nicky's (Griffin Dunne) trailer to try and persuade him to attend another Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, and only ET has the exclusive first look.

"I'm not ready. I haven't had coffee yet," Nicky mumbles, as Kevin attempts to turn Nicky's "no" into a "yes" to attending an AA meeting to no avail. 

It quickly becomes apparent to Kevin that Nicky isn't exactly living under the most pristine conditions -- leaky roof and all. In a gesture of good faith, Kevin suggests he put his uncle up at his hotel or, better yet, replace his run-down trailer. 

"Why don't you at least let me buy you a new trailer, all right? A brand new trailer. I got all this Hollywood douchebag money to throw around, I can put it to a new cause," Kevin says, hopeful Nicky will say yes, just as his phone starts to blow up.

"I'm not a cause," Nicky says sternly. "And no."

Finally, Kevin takes a look at his phone after the continuous pinging seems to stop. What could be so important that his phone can't stop ringing? 

"Oh my god, oh my god," Kevin says, his eyes going wide. He pauses for a beat, expecting Nicky to ask what's wrong. When he doesn't, Kevin goes on a bit of a rant, his frustration bubbling up to the surface.

"Gee Kevin, what is it? I'd like to know too. I'm concerned. Can I help you in any way?" he says annoyed, before breaking the news that's left him speechless. "They canceled The Manny." 

Nicky asks, unimpressed, "That show was still on?" 

"Yeah, they replaced me with Morris Chestnut after I left," Kevin says, referring to the real-life Rosewood and The Resident actor. A mixture of relief and sadness is evident in his voice as Kevin flashes back to that fateful day eight years ago when he first stepped on set to film the pilot that would eventually turn him into a sitcom star. "It's finally over."

What does this mean? Watch ET's exclusive sneak peek above to see what happens next.

This Is Us welcomed a slew of new faces for season four, including Jennifer Morrison as Cassidy, an Army vet whom Kevin meets at an AA meeting with Nicky. While it is unclear how deeply ingrained Cassidy will fit into the Pearsons' story, more will be unfurled as the season progresses.

"These new characters are framed as characters who are going to have massive impacts on our main family’s lives. It’s fair to say they are massive parts of the season. They’re not just in a one-off episode as the person who was in the room when Nicky threw a chair in the window. Or to meet Deja at a party," creator Dan Fogelman told ET. "It’s going to go far beyond that. It’s a slow build."

"Part of the intent here was to establish these characters so that you met them pure and outside of the purview of the Pearson family. Now you really are inside of these characters’ stories and now we slowly start building them into their world and see how they affect and really change their lives," he continued. "Jennifer, Asante [Blackk] -- they’re huge parts of this storyline this season. 

This Is Us airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

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