'ThursDATE': Matthew Hussey Shares What to Text to Get That First Date (Exclusive)

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Making the first move can be tricky!

If you've been texting with a certain special someone, how do you secure one-on-one time with them? This week's ThursDATE With Matthew Hussey, the dating expert is sharing the best text messages to send to secure a real, in-person date.

With these four flirty and teasy texts, you'll be on your way to a memorable night.

1. "Are you this charming in person?"

"You can take a moment when the person you're texting is being kind of flirtatious or charming, and then send them a message that says, 'Are you this charming in person?'" Hussey details. "It's cute. It's sweet. It also allows for that person to say, 'Well, you have to let me know what you're up to this weekend?'"

2. "How have we not met in person yet?"

"This is where you get to the point where you should have gone on the date already, but you still haven't met up," Hussey explains. "Simply send the message, 'How have we not met in person yet?' It's not designed to be aggressive. It's actually designed to be playful."

3. "If we don't meet up soon, we are about to become fully-fledged pen pals…not sexy."

"This is when you've been in this back and forth text-only relationship and you're getting to the point where you're like, 'I'm either going to throw in the towel on this or something has to happen,'" he says. "You send this message, 'If we don't meet up soon, we are about to become fully-fledged pen pals…not sexy.'"

4. "My thumbs are tired of flirting. You better ask me out soon or they may give up on me."

"When you guys are having a fun, flirtatious moment by text, you send the person this, 'My thumbs are tired of flirting, you better ask me out soon or they may give up on me.' You are literally telling the other person, ask me out," he notes.

For even more dating and relationship advice, download Hussey's free texting guide at www.9Texts.com.

Be sure to tune in every Thursday for your next dose of dating and relationship advice on ET. For more of Hussey's wisdom -- including four foolproof steps to get the one -- watch the video below.


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