'ThursDATE': Matthew Hussey Shares How to Get the Guy or Girl in 4 Foolproof Steps

Ladies and gentlemen, it's cuffing season.

Ladies and gentlemen, it's cuffing season.

And if you're looking for that special someone, on this week's edition of ThursDATE With Matthew Hussey, the dating expert shares with ET how to make a love connection by following four simple steps. Read on for how you can get the guy or girl the next time you're out.

1. Put yourself in a place where there is potential to make a match.

First and foremost, you should put yourself in a setting where a match can actually happen.

"Firstly, we got to get out there into a place where people are," Hussey notes. "When you're there, you have to do more than most people are doing. Most people have their heads in their phones the whole time. Look at the room and what's going on around you."

2. Make plenty of eye contact.

Once you see someone you're interested in, you have to make it known.

"When you spot someone you're attracted to, part two is to make much more eye contact than you think you need to," Hussey says.

3. Flash a smile to let the person know you're approachable.

The third step can make the difference in that person you're eyeing making a move or not.

"Step three is when that person does come close to you, even if they're not walking over to you, smile at them," Hussey says. "A smile is so often the difference between a person doing nothing and doing something."

4. Talk to that person -- even if it's something small.

Step four involves having an actual conversation with the person you're interested in, but it doesn't have to be too bold!

"Number four, say anything instead of saying nothing," Hussey says. "You can literally say to someone, 'Could you watch my jacket for two seconds while I give these drinks to my friends?' You give your drinks to your friends, you come back, 'Thank you so much. How's your night going anyway?' You now have a conversation with them that you started, but they don't feel like that's the case because they did you a favor."

"The number one mistake people make in attraction is either doing too much or too little," he continues. "Too little means playing hard to get. 'Ew, get off of me! Ugh, as if!' That doesn't work. You just end up going home alone."

Of course, you also don't want to come off too strong.

"Or [sometimes] people do too much," he says. "They go and do all of the work for somebody else and they start chasing relentlessly."

"The right way to do it is to take one step forward and allow the other person to now take a step forward before you take the next step," he adds.

Be sure to tune in every Thursday for your next dose of dating and relationship advice on ET. For more of Hussey's wisdom -- including how to feel better after you've been ghosted -- watch the video below.



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