Tiffany Haddish Reacts to Her Ex Common Dating Jennifer Hudson

Tiffany Haddish and Common split in November 2021 and the rapper has since begun a relationship with Jennifer Hudson.

Tiffany Haddish is sending nothing but supportive vibes to her ex, Common, in his new relationship with Jennifer Hudson. During an appearance on the Making Space With Hoda Kotb podcast Wednesday, Haddish, 44, said she hopes the rapper and mother of one are "having fun."

"I love Jennifer,” Haddish told podcast host Hoda Kotb. "I hope they're having fun. Girl, please."

Reflecting on how her relationship with the Just Wright actor, 52, ended, Haddish told Kotb, "It’s like, you remember when you was a kid and you’d be on a play date, and y’all like playing, having a good time, and then all of a sudden, y’all like sliding down the slide, and then you turn around and go, ‘Where did they go? Where did they -- where’d they go?’"

"And you see them waving at you and they mama carrying them. And they’re like, ‘Byeee.’ That’s what it was like," she said.

Common and Tiffany Haddish - Lester Cohen/Getty Images for The Recording Academy

Haddish first met Common while filming the 2019 movie The Kitchen. In April 2020, the two went on a virtual Bumble date while quarantining amid the coronavirus pandemic, and sparks started to fly. A few months later, they were seen at a Black Lives Matter protest together before Haddish confirmed their relationship in August 2020.

The couple confirmed their breakup in November 2021, saying their split was due to busy schedules and a lack of opportunities to be together.

Following the news of their split, Common was a guest on an episode of Hollywood Unlocked With Jason Lee: Uncensored, where he claimed that he and Haddish "came to the understanding" mutually to break up and "that this is what’s gonna be best for us, to still continue to love each other and be there for each other is to not be in a romantic relationship because we won’t be able to give to that."

"I don't want to be one foot in, one foot out," he explained, at the time. 

Common and Tiffany Haddish - Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

In a profile for The Washington Post last July, Haddish spoke highly of her relationship with the rapper-turned-actor, calling it "the healthiest, the funnest relationship I've ever had."

However, Haddish revealed that their breakup was "not mutual" and that Common -- whose legal name is Lonnie Rashid Lynn -- broke up with her over the phone. 

"It wasn't mutual," she told the publication. "It was more him saying, 'I think this relationship has run its course.' And I was like, 'OK. Like you gonna be a 50-year-old single man. OK?'"

The Haunted Mansion actress explained that there were signs her relationship with Common was coming to an end -- specifically when she did not receive an invitation to accompany Common to former President Barack Obama's birthday that year and even more so when she didn't celebrate Common's own birthday. After this, Haddish said Common ultimately ended things with her over the phone. 

As for Common and Hudson, 42, the couple first sparked dating rumors in 2022. Although they kept mum about their growing connection, they were often spotted holding hands, and attended various outings, including basketball games, together. 

Common and Jennifer Hudson - Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images

On an episode of The Jennifer Hudson Show in late January, the pair sweetly confirmed their relationship status while gushing about each other's accomplishments. 

When Hudson nudged Common about his relationship status, the rapper waxed poetic about his lady love -- although he didn't say her name. "I'm in a relationship that is with one of the most beautiful people I've met in life," he gushed. "She's smart, she loves God, she has something real down to earth about her. She's talented." 

While Hudson looked on and smiled, Common revealed that he set his standards pretty high "'cause she had to have an EGOT." 

"She had to win an Oscar on her first movie," he added. "She had to get her own talk show." 

Common then turned the question on Hudson, who also confirmed her relationship status. "I'm dating this brother, and I am very happy," she said.

When Hudson asked Common if he was happy, the "Come Close" rapper couldn't help but gush more. "This relationship is a happy place for me," he said to the sound of applause. "For me, it's one of those things where I found where seeing her happy actually makes me really happy. I'm very grateful. I thank God every day and I'm just letting God guide this relationship." 

After a member of the audience yelled,"She's the one," Common agreed, saying, "Speak on it." 

Common and Jennifer Hudson - Chris Millard/Warner Bros.

Meanwhile, Haddish recently revealed that she's been celibate for six months. On Monday's episode of On Purpose With Jay Shettyshe explained her reasoning, saying: "I just don't wanna lay down with just anybody, you know? I just feel like, dang, I am the prize and these dudes gotta qualify."

"When I think about my track record of who I['ve laid] down with it, it takes like a year or so for me to even warm up," she added. "It feels easy. I don't know, I've been working out a lot. So I feel like I get my sexual frustrations out in the workout. And then, like I said, gadgets."

The GRAMMY winner explained that her past relationships have taught her to be more mindful of who she decides to "share a piece" of herself with romantically.

"When you're laying down with people that's not really as ambitious as you are or comfortable in their skin or confident with who they are, or even just not necessarily confident, it becomes a problem. And I think when you lay down with somebody, you are sharing your soul," she told Shetty.

"You are sharing a piece of yourself, you're giving a little piece of yourself up. And I don't, I think like I only got so much soul left and I don't wanna necessarily just give it over to anybody. You know? I don't know if the soul grows, I don't know if you can rejuvenate new soul like you do skin or hair, but it just feels like... I don't wanna subject myself to it," she added.