'Tiger King' Star Jeff Lowe Says Another Episode Is Coming to Netflix Next Week

The reality star shared the news in a Cameo message to Los Angeles Dodgers star Justin Turner.

Is there more Tiger King on its way?

Jeff Lowe, one of the stars of Netflix's new true crime hit, revealed that there's one more episode coming to Netflix next week!

Lowe shared the news in a Cameo message to Los Angeles Dodgers star Justin Turner, whose wife, Kourtney, spoke about the show on her podcast, Holding Kourt

"Thank you for watching our show... you just wasted seven hours on us. You need a life," Lowe and his wife, Lauren Dropla, joked in the message. "Take care, guys, we love you. Netflix is adding one more episode, [that] will be on next week. We're filming here tomorrow. Take care, stay safe and put your mask on!"

ET has reached out to Netflix for more information.

Lowe spoke with ET via video chat earlier this week, where he and Lauren discussed their portrayal throughout the Netflix docuseries, in which they're seen taking over Joe Exotic's Oklahoma zoo, prior to his arrest and conviction. 

In the show, the couple's role in Exotic's eventual downfall is questioned, but Lowe insisted, "We did not do anything. We did not rat on Joe. We did not snitch on Joe."

"It's sad that people think that we set him up, but what we did was we protected ourselves," Lowe said. "Lauren and I didn't do anything wrong, so I'm not about to take the fall for Joe's crimes."

"When the feds started investigating Joe and we were tipped off by the confidential informant... we knew that we had no choice. We had to tell them what we knew," he continued. "We handed them over our cell phones, our bank accounts, whatever they asked for we gave them, cooperated fully."

Tiger King is streaming on Netflix now. See more on the true-crime hit in the video below.