TikTok Star Charli D'Amelio on Her 'Dream Come True' Dance With Jennifer Lopez (Exclusive)

Dreams are coming true at Super Bowl LIV!

Dreams are coming true at Super Bowl LIV

Jennifer Lopez and Shakira made history when they took the stage to co-headline the halftime show on Sunday, but Charli D'Amelio's Super Bowl -- and probably life -- has already been made by her meeting with J.Lo. 

The TikTok star got the chance to not only meet her idol, but also dance her Super Bowl Challenge right alongside her this weekend. She told ET's Kevin Frazier on Sunday that it was "one big dance dream all coming true." 

"A couple of years ago I decided that my dream is to dance with J.Lo. She was on top of my dreamboard and I've talked about her in almost every interview I've done, whenever they ask what my biggest dreams are," D'Amelio said. "She is super talented."

"I got to see her in concert. I actually got to see her twice because the first time was when the power went [out] in New York City," she continued. "So, my dream was to go to The University of Las Vegas be on their dance team, because their choreographers are J.Lo's choreographers. I had everything planned out and yesterday I got to meet [them] and dance there for the first time, so it was really a dream come true."

D'Amelio couldn't help but get emotional as she came face to face with J.Lo for the first time. "When I first met her and I got to shake her hand, I was just blank face. I didn't know what to say. And then it kind of set in and tears just started rolling down my eyes because this was all I ever really really wanted to experience and it happened and it was really, really crazy," she recalled.

Then came the dancing. D'Amelio was ready with her Super Bowl Challenge moves, but got nervous and forgot the dance at first. "But we repeated it twice," she explained. "The second time I got it, and I was just so, so excited. Her dancers, some of them are... dancers I've also been following for a very long time, because they are all crazy talented. ... It was like, one big dance dream all coming true at once."  


i got to dance with my idol jlo and do the #jlosuperbowlchallenge #touchdowncelebration for #superbowlliv !! thank you so much nfl

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Soooo much fun doing the #JLoSuperBowlChallenge with @charlidamelio!!!!! See you all tomorrow at #SuperBowlLIV ?❤️

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While D'Amelio is inspired by J.Lo, she's developed quite a big fan base herself. She has over 22 million followers on TikTok, and met one of her fans during her interview with ET.  

"I would have never thought a couple months ago before all this started that I would have been invited to come to the Super Bowl and be able to do cool things like this. So, it's really crazy," she said. 

"I think it's surreal because its weird people know my name and its weird that I get to do interviews and meet a lot of new people," she added. "It's just amazing. There are so many opportunities that I've been given because of [TikTok]." 

For D'Amelio, her fans are the best part. "It's so worth it because... all of these people that say I inspire them, or I'm the reason they got into dance lessons. It just makes everything so worth it and it makes me so happy that I can say I'm helping people in the little way I am. It means the world to me," she shared. 

See more on the halftime show in the video below.