'Timeless': Lucy and Wyatt Steal a Moment in First Official Photo From Series Finale (Exclusive)

Timeless: Abigail Spencer and Matt Lanter as Lucy and Wyatt

The first official photo from the Timeless series finale is here!

With less than a month left to go until it airs, ET exclusively reveals the very first official photo from the final two episodes -- and fair warning Lyatt fans, things are looking incredibly tense between the twosome.

In the exclusive photo, Lucy (Abigail Spencer) and Wyatt (Matt Lanter) are dressed in army-green garb while on a new mission. The pair, who seem to be laying low in a church (see: the cross on the wall behind them and what look to be pews in the foreground), are looking mighty pensive as they steal a moment together during their latest trek. 

Why are they looking at each other like that? Knowing how the season two finale ended -- with Wyatt saying "I love you" to Lucy, only for her not to say it back; plus, the added wrinkle of Future Lucy and Wyatt magically appearing -- could they be hashing out their complicated history? 

Timeless: Abigail Spencer and Matt Lanter as Lucy and Wyatt

When ET was on the Timeless set earlier this month on a windy afternoon in Santa Clarita, California, Lanter and Spencer offered hints in regards to where Lucy and Wyatt stand in the final two episodes. 

"We went from a guy in the pilot who was pretty shut down, pretty closed off, totally mission-focused to letting these two other teammates into his heart and influencing him and his decisions, even though it meant not completing a mission sometimes," Lanter told ET of Wyatt's state of mind during a break from filming. "He started to connect with them more emotionally. He's been going through a lot, as far as his guilt. Poor guy's been racked with guilt for the last five years or so since Jessica died, with Rufus being dead... For me, I just want him to find happiness in his life."

Spencer promised that the way Lucy's story wraps up is done in a "very loving" way. "Where we find Lucy at the end of the [second] season, she's been beat to sh*t by Emma, her mother's dead, her sister's gone forever, Wyatt tells her he loves her but he didn't choose her and Flynn's about to tell her he's in love with her," she told ET, chuckling at the laundry list of conflicts her character was dealing with.

"The stakes are high. Really, what is Lucy going to choose? And so she's gotta make a choice in the last two episodes," Spencer said. "It's a huge arc. For a show that has cheated death twice, there's been a really cool arc for Lucy, someone who didn't want to change history at all and wanted everything to be exactly the same -- super type A and as Shawn Ryan likes to call her, plucky. To see her really become grounded and care more about people in history than the historical figures [has been gratifying]." 

While we count down to Dec. 20, the Timeless cast has been busy doling out tease after tease about the final two hours -- most notably about the very final scene of the show

"What I think is pretty cool is the end end -- the very end -- doesn't end on us. It doesn't end on the team. It's larger than us three, or it's larger than the team, which I think is cool," Lanter revealed to ET. "It's a little bit of a closed chapter for our characters, but things are left open at the end of this series finale. And our characters are still around, so you never know. There's always potential to have to save the world again."

Spencer reaffirmed Lanter's tease, specifically noting that Lucy, Wyatt nor Rufus close out the series. "I think that's a very big tease, that none of us are in the last scene of the entire [series finale]," she said.

Goran Visnjic also shared that the Timeless swan song is a gift for the fans -- literally (the final episodes revolve around historical events set on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day) and figuratively.

"You would never see episodes like this on television; this is really made for fans," Visnjic told ET. "We're going to close all the loops. We're going to tie all the loose ends. We're going to come back with a storm of words that our fans love and memories from previous episodes."

Timeless airs its two-hour series finale on Thursday, Dec. 20 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.


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