T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach Are in Mediation With ABC Execs Amid 'GMA3' Hiatus

The anchors' fate at the network hangs in the balance amid their ongoing relationship.

As the fate of T. J. Holmes and Amy Robach at ABC continues to hang in the balance, ET has learned that network executives will hold a mediation session on Thursday between Holmes and Robach regarding the status of their jobs and the ongoing investigation into their relationship.

A source tells ET that ABC execs have learned of a third woman -- a script coordinator at the network who was more than a decade younger than 45-year-old Holmes -- who allegedly had an office romance with him. The woman was a junior staffer at Good Morning America when she allegedly had an office fling with the embattled anchor several years ago.

"This third staffer was no secret to most ABC employees, especially those at GMA who worked closely with her during that time," the source said. "The question now is, will this latest revelation speed up the investigation and force ABC to decide T.J. and Amy's fates sooner rather than later?"

Another source maintains Robach did nothing wrong, and any probe into her is separate from these allegations against Holmes.

"While she continues her relationship with T.J., she very much remains focused on her career and children," the second source said. "The allegations against T.J. have nothing to do with her."

Holmes and Robach -- who sat beside each other at the anchor desk daily on weekdays since 2020 -- were initially only temporarily taken off the air when their romance became public, with a source telling ET that ABC News president Kim Godwin addressed the relationship in an editorial meeting, saying their relationship "is not a violation of company policy."

That being said, the source said Godwin made the decision to take them off the air "while we figure this out."

Holmes and Robach have since been off the air ever since, and in the weeks that followed, Holmes and Robach traveled together for the holidays, and Holmes filed for divorce.  

A source recently told ET that ABC's inquiry into Robach and Holmes' relationship had not reached a resolution yet, "especially with the constant accusations being tossed T.J.'s way, and higher ups want to make sure all accusations are being addressed and taken seriously."

As ET previously reported, a source had said Holmes, who is legally still married to attorney Marilee Fiebig, and Robach, who is married to Andrew Shue and was seen out with him just last week, had separated from their spouses over the summer.



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