T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach Investigation at ABC Continues: 'No One Knows Their Fates,' Source Says

The duo have been off the air since December, after their relationship became public.

ABC’s inquiry into Good Morning America's Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes' relationship has not reached a resolution. 

"The investigation involving Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes’ relationship is still ongoing," a source tells ET. "There is still no clear determination as to when the findings will be released, especially with the constant accusations being tossed T.J.’s way, and higher ups want to make sure all accusations are being addressed and taken seriously." This comes amid a new report alleging Holmes had an affair with a script coordinator at ABC who was more than a decade younger than him. 

The source continued, "That being said, it is business as usual for everyone at ABC. Everything has returned to normal as it can be at this time, but there is still an unsettling feeling in the air. No one knows where the investigation will lead or what Amy or T.J.’s fates ultimately will be. Everyone just wants this investigation wrapped up soon so that the production and all involved can finally move on." 

As for the two anchors, who were taken off the air following the news of their public affair, they have been living their lives outside of the newsroom. 

"Amy and T.J. are going on with their daily lives as best they can," another source says. "The reality is they're on leave until a final decision is made and can do as they please until then." 

Holmes, 45, and Robach, 49, made headlines in November when they were spotted showing PDA, making their once-secret romance public. At the time, the GMA3 anchors were each married to their respective partners.  

A source would later reveal that Holmes, who is married to Marilee Fiebig, and Robach who is married to Andrew Shue, had separated from their spouses over the summer.

In December, ABC’s president, Kim Godwin, shared a company-wide memo announcing the pair would be taking some time off from GMA’s third hour as the issue was sorted out. Godwin did note that Robach and Holmes "haven't violated any company guidelines." 

Last week, a source told ET that both Robach and Holmes have obtained lawyers "because there is an ongoing investigation and that's what you do when that happens."  

Another source added, "There is still a chance they will not return to GMA3." The source also surmised that "the longer this process takes, the more likely they won't return to" their respective positions. 

"Whether they return to other positions at the network remains to be seen," the source told ET. 

The same week, Robach was spotted out in NYC with her estranged husband. At the time, the anchor and the actor was photographed handing off the family dog. During the interaction, the pair kept their distance as they made the brief exchange. 



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