'To All the Boys' Sequel Is Finally 'Officially Official' at Netflix

Netflix confirmed the worst-kept secret in a sweet announcement video with Lana Condor and Noah Centineo. But is a recast looming?

Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky, reunited once again!

Weeks after news that the anticipated sequel to Netflix's hit rom-com, To All the Boys I've Loved Before, was in the works, the streamer made it official on Wednesday, officially ordering the follow-up movie via an adorable video announcement featuring breakout stars Lana Condor and Noah Centineo.

The sequel, likely based on Jenny Han's second book in the best-selling trilogy, P.S. I Still Love You, will be penned by screenwriter Sofia Alvarez, who wrote the first film. It is unclear if director Susan Johnson will be returning to the director's chair. No release date has been set.

In the cute video, Condor is lying on the bed in a Lara Jean-esque bedroom, putting together her Christmas list for her To All the Boys crew. When it came time to figure out what to get Centineo for the holidays, he Facetimed her right on cue.

"One more thing, I get to tell the fans about our little secret," Condor teased. After Centineo gave her the go-ahead, she spilled the beans on the not-so-surprising news of the To All the Boys sequel. "I am so excited! It is officially official. We are making the To All the Boys sequel!"

"Bring on the sequel! We are so excited!" Centineo excitedly exclaimed. But he gets interrupted by another call Condor receives... from none other than the nameless guy playing John Ambrose McClaren, who, book fans know is the last puzzle piece to the love triangle with Lara Jean and Peter in P.S. I Still Love You.

"Hey! What? You're gonna make the perfect John Ambrose!," Condor teases, likely confirming that the actor who played the character in the first movie, Jordan Burtchett, won't be returning. Watch the video announcement below.

Johnson told ET in August that the sequel would likely follow the events laid out in the second book, P.S. I Still Love You, and possibly borrow from the third, Always and Forever, Lara Jean. "It’s pretty fluid. The script isn’t written, but I’m anxious to have them say yes so we can get going on it really quickly because you don’t want to rush it," Johnson said. "But at the same time, you don’t want them to be 30 years old playing 17."

Johnson hinted that the happy ending Lara Jean and Peter got at the end of the movie will be short-lived and will likely explore the complications that will come for the new couple's contract-less relationship as they get closer to thinking about life post-high school. 

"The struggle of what that means and not having a contract and trust -- all those issues that they talk about on the field at the very last scene," she said. "Relationships are hard to navigate and they’ll find themselves in one. And they’ll discover what the next person might bring in John Ambrose McClaren. We’re so invested in Peter and Lara Jean that seeing them go through struggles is going to be hard, but also something everybody can relate to. The next shiny face comes in and you’re like, Oh shoot, this guy’s really nice too. What do I do?."

Condor and Centineo also weighed in on where they would like to see Lara Jean and Peter's story go, with Condor admitting that she'd be "heartbroken" if the couple goes through major challenges in their relationship.

“As a fan of Lara Jean and Peter, I’m heartbroken, but we’re not saying that they don’t inevitably end up together," Condor told ET in August. "Of course, they’re going to go through struggles as every couple does. But it’s totally going to suck because I’m a huge fan of Lara Jean and Peter -- and I say protect them at all costs!"

"But, it's going to be interesting going through that and I think my feelings are going to be very genuine if and when we shoot the struggles between Lara Jean and Peter," she added, "because I don’t want them to struggle. So the hurt that I will feel will honestly be so genuine because I want them to be together forever."

Centineo echoed Condor's sentiments, saying Lara Jean and Peter going through the ups and downs is very true to life.

"I feel like that's very true and real in relationships. You get together and it's really fresh and new and wonderful, and then you start to realize the inner mechanics of living with a person or being with someone on a day-to-day basis or a weekly basis and the struggles that come with that are sick," Centineo added. "And I would like to see that come with Peter K. too.”