Lana Condor Shares 'To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before' Sequel Update (Exclusive)


The 21-year-old actress is here to assure you that the long wait for news on a follow-up to Netflix’s summer hit will be worth it.

Lana Condor totally feels your pain. 

It’s been nearly three months since Netflix debuted its instant teen rom-com classic, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, and since then Condor and Noah Centineo’s star wattage has grown to exponential levels. While it seemed like a sequel was all but guaranteed in the weeks following its August release, there hasn’t been any official news... yet. So, what’s the hold-up?

“Nothing’s official but I don’t see why they wouldn’t,” Condor told ET during an exclusive sit-down interview earlier this week on the Deadly Class set in Vancouver, Canada, of Netflix’s decision to take their time.

The 21-year-old actress, who next stars in Syfy’s comic-book adaptation (premiering Jan. 16), assured fans that the long wait could be seen as a good sign, but she admitted the clock’s ticking.

“I’ve heard stuff, but I think there’s a very high chance we’ll get a sequel,” Condor said. “But they better hop on it pretty soon because Noah and I -- I’m on the show [Deadly Class]. I’m doing a movie in Romania. He’s doing Charlie’s Angels. He’s doing another movie that he just booked. It comes down to availability and I hope they lock us in soon.”

“What if we get a season two [of Deadly Class]? Some shows get picked up for seasons two and three, and shoot back to back,” she contemplated. “I think they’re trying to be strategic but hopefully they’ll lock it in.”

Even though Condor and her To All the Boys castmates are busy working on various projects, she shared that she “absolutely” still keeps in touch with her on-screen sisters, Janel Parrish and Anna Cathcart, as well as her on-screen love interest, Centineo, on a regular basis. 

“I talk to Anna and Janel all the time,” she mused. “I was just on the phone with Noah a couple days ago because we were filling each other in with Charlie’s Angels and with this show.”

Condor made a point to reiterate that she and her To All the Boys co-stars are hoping for good news just as everyone else is, in regards to the future of the franchise. 

“We all want a sequel,” she emphasized again, pausing for a moment before going back to the potential hiccup that could derail everyone’s plans: the availability of the film's hot young stars. “Janel’s on [Pretty Little Liars:] The Perfectionists, so like, they really gotta lock it down, I’m telling ya!” Condor said with a laugh.

A week after the film hit this summer, director Susan Johnson revealed to ET that the cast and key creatives were “all attached contractually” for potential follow-up movies, which would depend on if “our schedules all key up.” 

"Netflix said that their general time-frame is 28 days; they watch how well the movie does over the period of a month and once that’s over, they can make a decision about a sequel,” she said at the time. “I love the fans being vocal about it; the more, the better." 

Condor and Centineo also forecasted their biggest wishes for their beloved characters, Lara Jean Song Covey and Peter Kavinsky, in a potential sequel back in late August.

"Now that we know how the fans are responding to Lara Jean and Peter as a couple, I think it will be very interesting to see how the writer decides to maneuver that without making what is literally breaking people's hearts," Condor told ET at the time. "It will be an interesting experience."

Added Centineo during a separate sit-down with ET: "I feel like that's very true and real in relationships. You get together and it's really fresh and new and wonderful, and then you start to realize the inner mechanics of living with a person or being with someone on a day to day basis or a weekly basis and the struggles that come with that are sick. And I would like to see that come with Peter K. too.”