Tommy Lee Gets Candid on His Sobriety and New Music (Exclusive)

ET spoke with the rocker at his home studio in Calabasas, California.

Tommy Lee has changed his life around, and feeling "really good" these days. The Mötley Crüe rocker revealed earlier this month that he got sober almost a year ago, after drinking "gallons of vodka" on a daily basis. Now, Lee tells ET's Kevin Frazier, he is taking it day by day.

"I feel killer, I feel really good," he said while promoting his new album, Andro. "I consider myself lucky because some people don't have that sense, or luxury, of sort of looking in the mirror and going, 'OK dude, time to pump the breaks. Like, this is too much.'"

"I was home for the Mötley Crüe Final Tour [that] wrapped up in 2016 on New Year's Eve and I came home, and surely out of boredom, I was just like, 'Well, what do you want to do today, Tommy?'" he recalls. "I don't know, work on some music and drink? What else is there? But I noticed there were times I was drinking a lot, all day and all night, and I was like, 'Dude, this is too much!"

He then decided to stop, adding, "Next week will be a year."

Lee, meanwhile, notes that he's been sober before and "stopped for four years. And then prior to that, I did another couple of years. It's kind of on-and-off and then I'll do that for a few years."

"And then I want to party and there I am again," he adds. "I'm on sort of a roller coaster. Who knows, maybe I won't ever drink again. I just know I'm not going today and I'm just going to take it day by day…I know I've got work to do.

In the meantime, Lee has been keeping busy creating new music in his Calabasas, California, home studio. Andro, his first solo LP in 15 years, dropped on Friday and has a great mix of tracks.

Calling it a "hybrid" of sounds, Lee says, "It is a culmination of a bunch of different flavors that I love. There's some super heavy stuff on it that people would typically think from my background. There's also some EDM sounding stuff on there…There's some funky stuff. I covered a Prince song on there. It's called 'When You Were Mine,' which is mind-blowing."

And amid the coronavirus pandemic, he's been staying home, "going out to dinners or being social" with his close friends. "I pretty much stay at home and don't get out that much," he notes.

He and his family recently spent time with John Travolta and his 20-year-old daughter, Ella, to celebrate Lee's wife Brittany Furlan's birthday.

"I just talked to him, he's back in town here. He's doing really well," Lee says of how Travolta has been since the death of his wife, Kelly Preston. "He has a great team of people around him, his kids are doing wonderful. He's doing everything to make them comfortable and I think, just personally knowing that it's been happening or coming up, I’m sure it doesn't ease the pain at all of…having something slowly come that you can kind of start to prepare for."

"He's in good spirits. What a lovely man," he adds. "He's probably the sweetest man I think I've ever met, honestly."

For more on Lee, including his reaction to seeing his first interview with ET, watch the video above.



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