Towanda Braxton Says Sister Tamar Was ‘Ridiculed’ by Airplane Pilot, Posts Video of Alleged Incident

Towanda and Tamar Braxton
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The Braxton sisters didn't appreciate how they were spoken to by one Delta Air Lines pilot.

Over the weekend, Towanda Braxton took to Instagram to share a video of their pilot addressing them on board a plane. 

“@tamarbraxton got ridiculed by a pilot for flying while black on Delta,” she captioned the post. “Wow! I guess being a diamond and double million miler don’t matter… @delta Shame on you… #WhyArePeopleSoMad #flyingwhileblack #smh.”

In the clip, the pilot is seen speaking to the sisters in an authoritative manner. “Here’s how this works. My flight attendants work for me. They give orders that come from me. So if you get an instruction from a flight attendant, I need to know that you are willing and able to do what you’re told to do," he says in the video. "Are you willing and able to do what you’re told to do by a flight attendant? Don’t ask me any questions: answer yes or no.”

The Braxtons are then heard talking in the clip after the pilot leaves. “I think we should get off of this plane. You haven’t even said anything. You were under a blanket sleeping,” one is heard saying.

Towanda also shared the same post on Twitter, which prompted Delta to reply, tweeting: “Towanda, our employees reflect our culture of treating all people with dignity and respect, and if we aren’t doing that, we aren’t doing our job. We’re looking into it now.”

Delta also gave a statement to NBC News, saying the Braxton’s “unusual” behavior led to the pilot addressing them in such a manner. According to the airline, the sisters said they wanted to exit the plane before the door closed, but when asked to bring their belongings with them, they refused.

Deplaning without one’s belongings is a federal violation, according to Delta.

“It’s crucial for the safety of every flight for customers to be willing and able to follow crew instructions,” Delta said in a statement. “When these customers exhibited some unusual behavior and refused to acknowledge our flight crew’s instructions, the captain addressed them directly to ensure the safety and security of the entire flight.”

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