Travis Scott Seemingly Disses Kylie Jenner's Rumored Boyfriend Timothée Chalamet in New Song 'Meltdown'

The rapper seems to take a dig at Chalamet's new 'Wonka' movie in his song, 'Meltdown.'

It doesn't take a world of pure imagination to figure out who Travis Scott is seemingly rapping about in his new song, "Meltdown."

The 32-year-old rapper released the new song on Friday, spitting the lyrics, "Chocolate AP and chocolate the Vs got the Willy Wonka factory/ Burn an athlete like it's calories/ find another flame hot as me, b**ch!!!"

AP is short for Audemars Piguet, a luxury watch brand favored by rappers. 

Fans think that this is a clear reference to Kylie Jenner's rumored new romance with actor Timothée Chalamet. Timothée is playing the fictional chocolatier in the new film Wonka

As for Kylie and Travis, the exes share 5-year-old daughter Stormi, and 1-year-old son Aire. The on-off pair last split in early 2023, but have shown no signs of getting back together anytime soon. 

A source told ET back in April that Kylie and Timothée were dating. In June, another source gave ET an update on the relationship, saying that the reality star and the actor "like each other and have a good vibe between them."

"They're still taking things slow," the source said of the pair. "She's enjoying this time and seeing where things go. She is being mindful of her kids as her main priority is always being a great mom."

Back in May, another source told ET, "Travis is not thrilled about Kylie moving on, but they are still cordial and focused on co-parenting and being the best parents they can be."

Travis himself was recently the subject of a diss track. Watch the clip below for more: