Billy Ray Cyrus Throws 'Surprise Homecoming' for Military Families


With more than one celebrity in the family, Billy Ray Cyrus is used to cameras following him, but for TLC's "Surprise Homecoming," the focus is on the families of soldiers.

The country singer hosts the new reality show that helps reunite military men and women with their families, only the families aren't aware of when their loved one is returning.

"Being a part of 'Surprise Homecoming' has truly been an honor and a privilege for me. Not to mention a whole lot of fun," said Cyrus. "I love the joy of surprises! My favorite part about Christmas and birthdays is having that special gift that no one knows is coming. In this case, it's even better. Our soldiers and their families have made, and continue to make, a huge sacrifice for our freedom and protecting this great country that we live in. This is my way of saying 'thank you'."

Watch the clip to see Sgt. Steven surprise his wife Samantha at her bridal shower. The couple had a quickie wedding at a courthouse just before Steven's year-long deployment to Iraq and Samantha has been planning their dream ever since.

TLC will air a special sneak peek of "Surprise Homecoming" tonight, May 30. You can see the official series premiere on July 11.