Can Connie Britton Sing? Watch!


18 months, and one stint on American Horror Story later, Connie Britton's Emmy-nominated, and much beloved, performance on Friday Night Lights still heaps huge expectations onto any role she accepts. Luckily, her latest is more than worthy of the Mrs. Coach comparisons!

VIDEO - Meet Hayden Panettiere's 'Nashvill'ainess

As Rayna James, a country music superstar who is slowly losing the "super" from that descriptor, Britton imbues her Nashville creation with so much soul, it feels like you've known her for years after only the first episode.

VIDEO - Nashville Hits A High Note

And the same is true for the show itself. Nashville comes out of the gate fast and strong, utterly assured of every word, choice and note making it one of the most pitch perfect pilots TV has seen in decades. Same goes for the singing, which every actor supplies themselves.

Check out a sneak peek clip of Connie Britton owning the stage, and watch the series premiere of Nashville October 10 at 10 p.m on ABC for more!