Director's Cut: Kirstie 'Cheers' Wild Times


Kirstie Alley didn't join the Cheers cast until they were already halfway through their 11-year run, but she quickly amalgamated herself as the 'loose cannon' of the group, as Nancy O'Dell witnessed at the show's 30th anniversary reunion dinner.

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"You know what my favorite thing was? Watching you guys at the final episode in a hotel, drunk," said Kirstie, referencing the cast's live appearance on The Tonight Show where they screened their final episode in a bar.

Ted Danson recounted the event, saying that at the top of the interview, the look on Jay Leno's face indicated that he realized "he's dealing with totally insane, drunk" people on "every other drug known to mankind."

Kirstie appeared on The Tonight Show special via satellite.

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"I hired look-a-likes to sit at the bar with me," said Kirstie, who had been filming in Canada at the time of the special. "They were like, 'Are those actors drinking?' I was like, 'No, those actors are sh**faced.'"

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