First ET Interview: Denzel Talks TV Sex


Denzel Washington is getting raves for his intense portrayal of a hero pilot struggling with addiction in Flight, and we're flashing back to one of the Oscar winner's first-ever ET interviews!

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Back in the late '80s when Denzel was a regular doc on the hospital show St. Elsewhere, we caught up with the handsome actor and his co-star Alfre Woodard to see how well they handled their onscreen love scenes.

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Asked if he was embarrassed to take it all off on camera, Denzel replied, "It didn't bother me to do it; what made me nervous was when I saw some outsiders on the set and I told the director they've got to go – it's not a freak show," he said with a laugh. "So there's kind of an unwritten law about cast and crew – it's like we're all in it together, there's nothing that no one hasn't seen before…"