Demi 'Bummed' To Lose Jennel on 'X Factor'


The X Factor
was struck by a double elimination in its third week of live shows, and the results left Demi Lovato upset after the show.

Thursday night was a lose-lose for Lovato on The X Factor, as two of the contestants in her Young Adults mentoring group, Paige Thomas and Jennel Garcia, were subjected to a sing-off, after which one singer would be eliminated based on the judges' votes. She vowed to keep Garcia on the show--a notion that wasn't backed by the other three judges.

"I was really...bummed to say goodbye to Jennel," the 20-year-old judge and mentor said after the show. "I've invested so much emotion in my contestants, and I am pretty bummed."

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Tough judge Simon Cowell revealed that Garcia's elimination struck him as surprising and offered his rationale for her sing-off-based elimination as due to "song choice, [she] didn't really show her personality, [and] she was disappearing a bit."

Judge L.A. Reid, whose Over 25s group was narrowed down to two contestants last week with the elimination of Jason Brock, assessed that the manner in which Garcia responds to the elimination is pivotal to her future success in music.

"I told her that she was really great and that she should keep going and that this was an opportunity and a stepping stone, not something bad; it was something good," said Reid of his advice to the 18-year-old singer.

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The load was lifted off Reid's back this week and shared with Lovato and Cowell, who are also reduced to two of their four contestants remaining in the competition after Thursday night's eliminations. While Cowell was surprised by Garcia's elimination, he had a feeling that his Lyric 145 would be eliminated.

"I wasn't," he said when asked if he was surprised about the group's elimination. "I could just feel it. I had a bad feeling about it before the show. It just wasn't their time. I can see the audience's trends here--what they're supporting, the kind of artists--and it was just the wrong year for them."

While Cowell, Lovato, and Reid have seen their groups split in half, fourth judge Britney Spears has had pristine success with eliminations thus far and has yet to lose any of her four Teens group contestants.

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"It's pretty spectacular," she said. "They're pretty amazing and they're all very talented. So, [I feel] very good."

The X Factor
continues next Wednesday at 8 p.m. on FOX.