'Girls' Season Two - New Trailer!


We got our first look at Girls season two back in September thanks to a wordless teaser, but now a full-length trailer (they speak!) has been released, giving the world its first good look at Lena Dunham's hotly anticipated second serving.

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Dunham's HBO series, which received five Emmy nominations and widespread critical acclaim for its premiere season, will devote much of this year focusing on the characters leading separate lives.

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ETonline caught up with Allison Williams (who plays Marnie) earlier this week and she said: "Season one, you kind of got to know each of us as a group; see what the conglomerate was like. In season two, you see us all individually and you see what happens when we each spin off and have our own lives. In a way, it's unsettling because you want to see us as a cohesive unity, but it's also insanely entertaining."

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Insane entertainment will no doubt stem from the fact season two sees Marnie moving in with Elijah (Hannah's gay ex-boyfriend, played by Andrew Rannells), Rita Wilson joining the cast as Marine's mom and Community's Donald Glover playing a potential love interest for Hannah.

They won't be the only famous faces coming to Girls in season two as creator/writer/director/star Lena Dunham says, "There's a lot of fun stuff planned, a lot of fun guest stars. I really think with season two, we sort of hit new heights of delirium and of fantastically lewd behavior."

Check out the delicious delirium above!

Girls season two premieres January 13 on HBO.