What Does 'Cougar Town' Think of Network Change?


After premiering on ABC, Cougar Town has moved to TBS after three seasons, making the switch from network television to cable. With the show now in its fourth season, the cast revealed what they think of the channel switch.

"'Those are some smart people!'" star Courtney Cox emulated her response to TBS picking up the show. "I was just like, 'Great. It's someone who'll promote the show and it'll be something they're proud of.' It just felt great."

The cast echoed Cox's feelings on the move to TBS, citing their new network's heavy promotion of its shows as a big perk. Busy Phillips summed up the cast's perception of the move as a confidence boost to the show.

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"Anytime you're given a second chance as a television show, it's awesome," she said. "With TBS, it's been such an awesome opportunity 'cause here's a network that...has this great brand that they're promoting...Of course it's been great to move from a place where we didn't feel like we were getting a lot of attention or promotion or network love to a network that's very enthusiastic."

Phillips, who plays Courtney Cox's character's assistant, "Laurie Keller," maintains that not only does the new network give Cougar Town a new platform but also gives it an opportunity to properly establish its identity.

"People will get a chance to see that it's not a show about...Courtney Cox sleeping with young guys. It's not about cougars; it has nothing to do with cougars," she said. "It's about this amazing, weird, funny group of friends and family that drink a lot of wine and have a lot of silly games that they like to play."

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With the switch from network to cable comes more leeway with censorship, which presents the already racy show with an opportunity to become even racier. Cox, who is also a co-executive producer on the show, said she can already feel the difference.

"I think already our show is the same, yet I feel like it's a little racier," she said. "It's a little more out-and-out funny."

Watch the full video to see how Cox's young daughter, Coco, reacts to hearing her mom recount a naked shoot in front of the entire cast and crew.

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