'Bachelor' Sean Sets World Record, Dumps a Fave


Amid a drama-filled night of surprises, Sean Lowe whittled his sixteen ladies down to thirteen Monday on The Bachelor.

To kick off week three, Lesley M was gifted with an entire day of Sean's company all to herself. Whisked from the mansion to the gritty streets of Hollywood Blvd, Sean surprised Lesley with a quirky museum date to peruse the Guinness Book of World Records where, interestingly enough, the Bachelor's very own dad holds a record for longest road trip ever taken. In the mood to follow in his father's footsteps, Sean proposes he and Lesley break the world record for longest on-screen kiss (3 min, 15 sec), which she eagerly accepted.

After easily earning their place in the history books, the twosome toasted to their accomplishment on a rooftop overlooking Los Angeles. Sean and Lesley proceeded to gush over eachother awkwardly before a blushing Sean gifted Lesley with a rose.

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Next up, Kacie, Robyn, Leslie H, Kristy, Catherine, Desiree, Taryn, Amanda, Lindsay, Daniella, Jackie and Tierra were selected to hit the beach for a competitive round of volleyball with two teams of six squaring off for the possibility of spending quality alone time with Sean.

In the end Desiree, Robyn, Amanda, Jakie and Lindsay win and relish in their hard-earned one-on-ones but Kacie, perturbed by the tension between Amanda and Desiree, opted to let Sean in on the drama. Unfortunately, her plan backfired as Sean questioned why she would involve herself in the girls' disagreement.

After spending time with all six, Sean gave a rose to Lindsay while Kacie was left to sweat over her poor decision that night.

AshLee was the last to score a one-on-one date with Sean but, as the Bachelor arrived to whisk his date off to Six Flags Magic Mountain, Tierra took a tumble down the stairs, effectively halting AshLee and Sean's plans for the day. Fearing she sustained a concussion, paramedics are called. Ultimately, Tierra vehemently refused medical attention and the ambulance was sent on its way-- but not before she snagged a good chunk of time snuggling with a worried Sean.

Despite being ruffled by what appeared to be a calculating move on Tierra's part to ruin her date, AshLee put on a good face for Sean when they finally arrive to the theme park. In an attempt to test her "kind, caring heart," Sean surprised his date by bringing along two other young ladies suffering from chronic illness to share in their thrilling day.

Impressed by how well AshLee took to the girls, Sean gifted AshLee with a rose and the twosome got to know eachother better as his favorite band, the Eli Young Band, serenaded them.

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When time came for the final rose ceremony, Sean called for Kacie to meet him outside for a private conversation where he mercifully sent her off in private.

"I have way too much respect for you to make you stand through another ceremony when I know in my heart that we're better off as friends," said Sean before Kacie's limo whisked her away.

Back inside, Sean picked his final ten (Tierra, Leslie H, Catherine, Daniella, Robyn, Selma, Sarah, Jackie, Amanda and Desiree), sending Taryn and Kristy home.

Tune in next Monday for an all-new episode of The Bachelor on ABC.