Exclusive 'Next Great Baker': Gretel-Ann Cheats


On tonight's season 3 finale of TLC's Next Great Baker, the stakes are high, and one sneaky baker is doing whatever it takes to win—even if it means cheating.

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The final baker's challenge calls for the remaining teams to bake and sell 400 cookies, 100 pastries, 10 cakes and 10 pies under a tight deadline. During the hustle and bustle, Gretel-Ann seizes the opportunity to gain an unfair advantage by raising the temperature of her competition's ovens by fifty degrees.

"I just knocked out a good percentage of her profits right there," cackles Gretel-Ann with joy as her flustered rival discovers the ruined pastries. "Apparently everyone else doesn't realize this is a competition. I'm the only one."

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Watch the video above for an exclusive sneak peek at all the drama!

Don't miss the finale of TLC's Next Great Baker airing tonight at 10/9c.