'Scandal' Stars Tease 'Scream-Worthy' Shockers


The drama has been culminating for weeks on ABC's political hit Scandal and with the Season 2 finale set to air tomorrow night, ET's Brooke Anderson spoke with cast members and the series creator about the concluding episode, which they're promising will include the show's biggest shocker yet!

Kerry Washington, whose role as political crisis manager Olivia Pope keeps getting more complex in each episode, said at the Entertainment Weekly and ABC TV party to celebrate the New York Upfronts that viewers won't be disappointed with performances in the finale. "We all got together and watched it last night and it was so much fun... In this episode everyone is going full steam ahead -- it's tremendous performances."

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Washington added that often times she's just as shocked as viewers when she watches the show. "We'll be watching scenes that we're in and go No! No! -- and it's like, wait a second, I was there in the room when it was happening. But we're all so caught up in the story and in this make-believe world, that we're yelling for each other and cheering for each other -- it's great."

Scandal creator Shonda Rhimes was careful not to specify spoilers, but she did tease a spectacular season finale "There are at least five scream-worthy moments in the finale of 'I can't believe that happened,'" she said. "Even I felt that way when we came up with them in the writers' room. We tried to really pull out the stops because we had a big season and I feel like we try to top ourselves in the finale, and I feel we end the season on a moment that leaves you shocked and going 'Oh my God I can't believe they did that.'"

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"You can't miss a minute of this one, you can't even blink," said Bellamy Young, who portrays First Lady Mellie Grant. "We had read the script and  filmed the episode, but when we watched it on Monday night, our jaws were on the floor. It's such an adrenaline race, you won't believe your eyes," she added.

Watch the video for more interviews -- including Jeff Perry, Katie Lowes, Josh Malina and Darby Stanchfield, and be sure to catch the Scandal finale tomorrow at 10 p.m. on ABC.