'Bachelorette' Des Kicks 'Pig' Brian to the Curb


Desiree Hartsock's search for Mr. Right started out on a fun note this week with a rousing game of man-on-man dodge ball, but the competition took a turn for the ugly when The Bachelorette came to discover that one of her suitors isn't as single as he purported himself to be.

On the eve of her one-on-one with Kasey Stewart, Desiree received a dreaded call from host Chris Harrison that one of her suitors was not there for the right reasons. Turns out the show was contacted by the devastated girlfriend of Brian Jarosinsk, who revealed her "lying, cheating, deceitful pig" of a boyfriend decided to appear on the program without informing her.

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When forced to confront the situation in person with Desiree and the woman, Brian held fast to his belief he had broken things off with the "ex" in a clear and direct manner. He, however, also admitted to sleeping with her just two days before jetting off to California for the competition. Brian was promptly asked to pack his bags and leave.

Unfortunately, once that awful business was taken care of, the mood remained slightly off for the other men who worried Brian had somehow ruined their chances with Des.

A heart-pounding one-on-one with Kasey high above Sunset Blvd. and a spirited group date with a Lone Ranger theme seemed to turn things around. Forgoing the usual cocktail party for a Pool party before a rose ceremony, the woman of the hour decided she would gift a stem to who she ultimately wanted to "spend more time with."

In the end, Dan Cox and Brandon Andreen, who'd professed he was already "falling in love," were denied a final rose—a decision that did not sit well at all with the latter.

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"You're making a huge mistake," he said, astounded. "I don't understand."

Clearly upset by Brandon's reaction, Desiree chased the rejected suitor outside to apologize but her remarks did little to ease his pain.

"Once again someone left me," he sighed. "I can't even cry, I'm just out of tears."

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