Exclusive Clip: 'Siberia' Heats Up


The first few episodes of any reality show tend to be slow-going as contestants acclimate to their surroundings, to one another and to the game. But Siberia has hit the ground running since minute one and ETonline scored an exclusive clip from tonight's all-new episode.

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Titled Lyin' and Tiger and Bare, emotions are running high in camp when a fire "spontaneously" destroys a group stronghold and the sexual tension reaches a fever pitch culminating in a spot of skinny dipping!

And while the blurred bits are enticing, I can't keep my eyes off Sabina. From the jump she's seemed to know more about Siberia's real purpose than she lets on. And what was she really doing in that cave? Only time will tell...

airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on NBC.